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Dr. Tom Latimer (Character)
from "Don't Wait Up" (1983)

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"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.6" (1984)
Dr. Toby Latimer: In all the years I've been married to your mother she has never presented me with anything like this.
Dr. Tom Latimer: Hasen't she? Well, hard luck. You're married to me now.

Dr. Tom Latimer: Well, tonight proves on thing. You haven't lost your touch. It was you Paul wanted to dance with, not me.

[Last lines]
Dr. Tom Latimer: I believe Bermuda is lovely this time of year.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.6" (1983)
Dr. Tom Latimer: You are the one who said that it's foul smelling.
Madeleine: That was before I knew I'd given it to him.

Dr. Tom Latimer: I was merely concerned that you have been in some horrible accident.
Dr. Toby Latimer: You thought I'd fallen out of somebody's bed?

Dr. Charles Cartwright: Look, have a couple of these, they'll calm you down.
Dr. Tom Latimer: No, thanks.
Dr. Charles Cartwright: They're marvelous. They helped me a lot when I lost my fishing tackle.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.1" (1983)
Louise: And Mrs Smillie rang - she was in a terrible state, she thinks she's pregnant.
Dr. Tom Latimer: No, she can't be. Her husband's had a vasectomy.
Louise: That's why she's in a terrible state.

Dr. Tom Latimer: My parents are splitting up after 32 years. Since I last saw you I have become the product of a broken home.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.7" (1983)
Dr. Charles Cartwright: Your father has made his bed, now he's got to lie in it.
Dr. Tom Latimer: Yes, except it's my bed he's been lying in, and it has been for nearly three and a half months.

Dr. Tom Latimer: I was eleven years old and he sat me down in the drawing room and asked me if I knew where babies came from. I said, "Yes," and he said, "Fine," and that was that.
Dr. Charles Cartwright: At least you knew - that's more than I did at that age.
Dr. Tom Latimer: Yeah, except I thought they came from Harrods. I thought everything came from Harrods in those days.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.2" (1983)
Dr. Tom Latimer: It's a heart breaking experience. It tears you apart.
Dr. Toby Latimer: What are we talking about, marriage or divorce?

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.2" (1984)
Dr. Tom Latimer: You shouldn't keep drink in the filing cabinet.
Dr. Charles Cartwright: It's under S for Scotch.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.3" (1984)
Dr. Toby Latimer: When you were divorced, you should have got yourself the most cunning, unscrupulous lawyer in London.
Dr. Tom Latimer: I would have done, but Helen got there first.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.5" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: She has this appalling foreign accent - I can't understand a word she's saying!
Dr. Tom Latimer: No, Dad, she's from Liverpool.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.1" (1984)
Dr. Tom Latimer: Hang on, Charles. Are you sure Susan wants me tagging along? Remember what happened last time?
Dr. Charles Cartwright: That was years ago! And it *was* our honeymoon. I know you and I had fixed and paid that holiday before Susan got pregnant and before I proposed to her...