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Dr. Toby Latimer (Character)
from "Don't Wait Up" (1983)

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"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.7" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: Well, yes, five, quarter to five, what's the difference?
Angela Latimer: About an hour and a half, it's now quarter past six-ish.

Angela Latimer: Oh, darling, a dozen red roses. How sweet of you.
Dr. Toby Latimer: Actually, there are only ten. Even the florist is gone metric.

Dr. Toby Latimer: You know, I feel I've been through a long tunnel. As though the last three months I've been living in a void.
Angela Latimer: Tom's flat isn't that bad.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.2" (1983)
Dr. Tom Latimer: It's a heart breaking experience. It tears you apart.
Dr. Toby Latimer: What are we talking about, marriage or divorce?

Dr. Toby Latimer: It'll be all over the golf club. When Toby Latimer lends you his bed, you get his wife thrown in.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.3" (1984)
Dr. Toby Latimer: That poor woman lives in the most appalling conditions with this monster of a husband on the tenth floor of a high-rise block. The lift doesn't work and I shouldn't think the husband does either.

Dr. Toby Latimer: When you were divorced, you should have got yourself the most cunning, unscrupulous lawyer in London.
Dr. Tom Latimer: I would have done, but Helen got there first.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.5" (1984)
Dr. Toby Latimer: You know very well that the work we do in the private sector eases the backlog on the National Health Service by 11%.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.1" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: [First Lines]
Dr. Toby Latimer: My dear Lady Greshott, I assure you it is simply a mild form of eczema. Nothing to worry about, really.
Lady Greshott: But it's so unsightly, Dr Latimer. And it does irritate so.
Dr. Toby Latimer: Just a touch of this ointment, night and morning, and that little rash will disappear. But you must promise me something. These hands were not made for washing up, were they?

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.3" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: Let's face it Toby, you've always had an eye for pretty girls.
Angela Latimer: Well, an eye, yes. Just because one's on a diet, it doesn't mean to say one can't look at the menu.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.4" (1984)
Dr. Toby Latimer: There is nothing wrong with our marriage. We are just living apart.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.5" (1983)
Dr. Toby Latimer: She has this appalling foreign accent - I can't understand a word she's saying!
Dr. Tom Latimer: No, Dad, she's from Liverpool.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #2.6" (1984)
Dr. Toby Latimer: In all the years I've been married to your mother she has never presented me with anything like this.
Dr. Tom Latimer: Hasen't she? Well, hard luck. You're married to me now.

"Don't Wait Up: Episode #1.6" (1983)
Dr. Tom Latimer: I was merely concerned that you have been in some horrible accident.
Dr. Toby Latimer: You thought I'd fallen out of somebody's bed?