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Dr. Mark Gabriel (Character)
from "The Others" (2000)

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"The Others: Mora (#1.13)" (2000)
Dr. Mark Gabriel: Elmer, could these things be summoned or kept away?
[speaking of the Mora creatures]
Elmer Greentree: I suppose.
Dr. Mark Gabriel: I found two of these; each placed under the six-year-old girl's bed.
Elmer Greentree: Appears to be some sort of fetish.
Warren Day: People get off on those?
Prof. Miles Ballard: No, Warren, it's a tribal fetish. It's, ah, a charm used for mystical purposes.
Warren Day: Like my lucky sock?
[Warren pulls out an old sock from a pocket]
Prof. Miles Ballard: No, eh-eh-eh - that's okay. I hope that's not what you feel is mystical.

"The Others: Theta (#1.7)" (2000)
Ellen 'Satori' Polaski: [examining "No hope" scrawled in red on a cabinet door] No hope for whom?
Marian Kitt: For Jenny, I guess.
Ellen 'Satori' Polaski: It's not blood, though.
Marian Kitt: Well, what is it?
Ellen 'Satori' Polaski: Jam
Dr. Mark Gabriel: Jam? How scary is that.