Dr. Charles Montague
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Dr. Charles Montague (Character)
from High Anxiety (1977)

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High Anxiety (1977)
Dr. Charles Montague: Enjoy yourself, for God's sake! Get your mind off the Wentworth murder... Accident! Accident!

Nurse Diesel: Come to my room right after dinner.
Dr. Charles Montague: No, not tonight. I'm too tired. I think I'll turn in early.
Nurse Diesel: I'll let you wear my underwear.
Dr. Charles Montague: I'll be there.

Nurse Diesel: Oh, get off it. I know you better than you know yourself. You live for bondage and discipline!
Dr. Charles Montague: [moaning] Too much bondage. Too much bondage. Not enough discipline!

Nurse Diesel: Ahem!
Dr. Charles Montague: Oh, allow me to introduce Nurse Diesel, my right-hand man, woman.

Dr. Charles Montague: Rate of patient recovery? I'll have that for you in a moment.
[taps on his calculator]
Dr. Charles Montague: Once in a blue moon.
Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke: Once in a blue moon. Hmm.

Dr. Charles Montague: We've got to destroy the negative. Give us the negative, Brophy.
Brophy: [Stubbornly defiant] You'll never get it. Never. Never! Do you hear me? You'll never get this! I'd rather DIE first!
Dr. Charles Montague: Norton?
Norton: [Approaches Brophy, pulls out a .45, cocks it, and sticks it up to Brophy's forehead]
Brophy: [Meekly, as he immediately hands over the negative] Here.