Grace Garcia
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Grace Garcia (Character)
from Street Kings (2008)

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Street Kings (2008)
Grace Garcia: [referring to Biggs] Who was that?
Tom Ludlow: A cop who burns cops.

Grace Garcia: You know, you can just stop by sometime. You don't have to get shot when you want to see me.
Tom Ludlow: [groaning] Why? I like it like this.

Grace Garcia: I'm sorry. You tried to save him. You did your best.
Tom Ludlow: My best? I was curled up in a ball while the guy's shot. We should've dumped those guys.
Grace Garcia: How can they just wave a pen and change what happens? Just like that?
Tom Ludlow: We're the police. We can do whatever the hell we want. It doesn't matter what happens; it's how we write it up.
Grace Garcia: What about the truth?
Tom Ludlow: What about it?
Grace Garcia: You have to honor him, your friend.
Tom Ludlow: Honor him. I was gonna knock him out and he thought I was gonna kill him. Prick.
Grace Garcia: Don't turn your back on him. Good can come from bad.
Tom Ludlow: My world... the real world... bad breeds more bad, Grace.