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Quotes for
Brit (Character)
from Saw V (2008)

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Saw V (2008)
Brit: We won. We won. We worked together.

Mallick: What are you doing?
Brit: Being smart.

Luba: What did you do?
Brit: You go first.

Brit: Make sure we follow the rules.

Brit: No it's not Jigsaw, he's dead. Haven't you watched TV lately?

Mallick: What is this?
Brit: It's our next nightmare.

Brit: We killed eight people and stole a property and nobody cared.
Mallick: Nobody cared? The families of those eight people cared, the feds cared, look at my fucking arm, I cared! I cared!
Brit: But you didn't face justice. None of us did.
Mallick: Why did they all do it? Why? Was it for money? This was your plan? You were the one behind it? There was eight people still living in that building! You had to know that! Did you know that?

Mallick: You're a monster!
Brit: So are you.
Mallick: We both deserve to be here.