Lane Bellamy
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Lane Bellamy (Character)
from Flamingo Road (1949)

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Flamingo Road (1949)
Sheriff Titus Semple: Now me, I never forget anything.
Lane Bellamy: You know sheriff; we had an elephant in our carnival with a memory like that. He went after a keeper that he'd held a grudge against for almost 15 years. Had to be shot. You just wouldn't believe how much trouble it is to dispose of a dead elephant.

Lane Bellamy: I don't have to go like this, I've got better clothes.

Lane Bellamy: I'm not a carnival girl anymore!
Sheriff Titus Semple: Sure been actin' like it with young Carlisle.

Lane Bellamy: You know something? I bet you make a lousy sheriff.

Lane Bellamy: When I was very young, I made up my mind to be rich.
Lute Mae Sanders: How'd you make out?
Lane Bellamy: I thought it was better to change my mind.