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Quotes for
Carl (Character)
from Ice Age (2002)

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Ice Age (2002)
Carl: [to Sid] Look, we're gonna break your neck so you don't feel a thing. How's that?
Manfred: Wait a minute. I thought rhinos were vegetarians.
Sid: An excellent point!
Manfred: Shut up.
Carl: Who says we're gonna eat him after we kill them?
Frank: Yeah, come on, move it.
Manfred: You know, I don't like animals that kill for pleasure.
Carl: Save it for a mammal that cares.
Sid: I'm a mammal that cares!

[repeated line]
Frank: Carl?
Carl: Easy, Frank.

Carl: I can't believe it. Fresh wild greens? Frank. Where did you ever?
Frank: Go ahead - dig in...
Carl: A dandelion! I thought the frost wiped 'em all out.
Frank: [singsong voice] All but one.

Sid: [trying to wipe his feet off after stepping into poop offscreen] Ik! Ah!
[In his disgusted haste, he inadvertently wipes his feet on the salad of Carl and Frank who look at him with chagrin]
Sid: [through his teeth] This is making me more fiesty!
[flings his foot up]
Sid: Ah, YUCK! This is defineately NOT in my day!
[to Frank]
Sid: You know what I'm saying?
[he begins shaking his foot to get to poo off, unknowingly flicking it into Carl's face]
Sid: Oh, what a mess! Hey, rhinos, did you know that you know you have really tiny brains, you know that? Naw, that's a fact. No offense. You probably don't know what I'm talking about.
Sid: [sees something] Oh! Yum-o!
[plucks up the dandelion]
Sid: A dandelion! Probably the last one of the season!
[He eats it]
Sid: [swooning with gourmet galore] Mmmm... MMMM... Mmmm...
Frank: Carl...?
Carl: Easy Frank.
Frank: [visibly upset] He *ruined* our *salad*!
Sid: [noticing what he's standing on, jumps up in alarm and backs away; apologetic] Huh? Oh my goodness! That was my mistake! Now, let me handle...
[Sid trips over a log, he crawls on all fours while Carl and Frank slowly but menacingly walk towards him]
Sid: No seriously! I can take care of this... wha- what is this? PINE CONE! Oh, my goodness! That's my favorite!
[He takes a bite of the pinecone]
Sid: Delicious. Ow! That's um... Uh, good eating... But don't let me hog it, oh no! Here, you have some! Tasty, isn't it?
[Sid feeds Carl the Pine cone. Carl growls in anger]
Sid: [just before he turns to leave] Bon Appetite, you two!