Prince Nuada
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Prince Nuada (Character)
from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
Prince Nuada: We die and the world will be poorer for it.

Princess Nuala: [with the others in the meat-locker] To wage his war, my brother needs this.
[holding the crown piece and cylinder]
Princess Nuala: The final piece of the crown of BethMora and this map to the location of the Golden Army chamber.
Johann Krauss: The Golden Army. The harbingers of death, the unstoppable tide...
Hellboy: [under his breath] Howdy Doody.
Johann Krauss: Your Highness, if you hand the crown piece over to us...
Princess Nuala: No. Where it goes, I go. My father died to uphold the truce with your world. We must honor his noble intentions.
Abe Sapien: The lady is in dire danger.
Johann Krauss: I take is your are vouching for her, Agent Sapien?
Abe Sapien: Most emphatically, yes.
Johann Krauss: Even so... I am sorry, but we simply cannot assume such responsibility on our own.
Hellboy: [getting in Johann's face] Lady just lost her father, what more do you want?
Johann Krauss: You may not care, but there are procedures, rules, and little handbooks that...
Hellboy: She's coming with us. You got that, gasbag?
Johann Krauss: [offended] What-what did you call me?
Prince Nuada: [from behind the group] You! You will pay for what happened to my friend down there.
Hellboy: [turning to face him, sarcastically] Yeah, right. You take checks?
Prince Nuada: [enraged] Demon. Born from a womb of shadows, sent to destroy their world and you still believe you belong?
Hellboy: Are we going to talk all night? Because I'm really sleepy.

Prince Nuada: [stabs Hellboy in the chest] You may have mused in the past, am I mortal?
[breaks off the spear, leaving the head in Hellboy's chest]
Prince Nuada: Now you are.

Prince Nuada: [after practicing, to Wink] How long have you been there, my friend?
[pointing to the Tooth Fairies]
Prince Nuada: They're over there. I bought them today. I haven't fed them, at all. I will go up first, you will follow. And remember Mr. Wink, don't be shy.

Prince Nuada: [defeated] Kill me. You must. For I will not stop. I cannot.
Hellboy: [taking the crown] Sorry, pal. I win, you live.

Prince Nuada: [to the Golden Army] Kill them.
Abe Sapien: [shocked] He lied to us.
Hellboy: Abe, old buddy. We ever get outta this, we gotta talk.

Prince Nuada: The humans... the humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the earth, and for what? Parking lots? Shopping malls? Greed had burned a hole in their hearts that will never be filled! They will never have enough!
King Balor: What humans do is in their nature. To honor the truce is in ours.
Prince Nuada: Honor? Look at this place! Where is the honor in this? Father, you were once a proud warrior. When did you become their pet?
[turns to the council]
Prince Nuada: I have returned from exile to wage war and reclaim our land, our birthright! And for that I will call upon the help of all my people and they will answer. The good, the bad...
[holds up the crown piece]
Prince Nuada: ... and the worst.
King Balor: [puts a hand to his own crown piece] The Golden Army? You cannot be that mad!
Prince Nuada: Perhaps I am. Perhaps they made me so.

Prince Nuada: [to Hellboy about the Forest god] Demon! What are you waiting for? This is what you want, isn't it? Look at it. The last of its kind. Like you and I. If you destroy it, the world will never see its kind again... You have more in common with us than with them. You could be a king... If you cannot command, than you must obey.

Prince Nuada: [releasing the tooth fairies] Let this remind you why you once feared the dark...

Prince Nuada: [draws his spear] Your weapon?
Hellboy: [holds up his stone hand] Five-fingered Mary.

Prince Nuada: Sit *down*, proud, empty, hollow things that you are! Let this remind you why you once feared the dark.

Prince Nuada: [to Nuala, catching her in the library] Very creative of you. The parchment was of no importance. The cylinder... is very interesting
[picking up the burning chamber and rolling it to burn the imprint across the table, revealing a map]
Prince Nuada: We will find the Golden Army here. As for the crown piece, I know it's here.I can feel that much in you. Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine.
[pacing around the bookcase]
Prince Nuada: It's in one of the books and I will find it.
[holding a book, before throwing it down]
Prince Nuada: Blue? You always look so beautiful in blue. Blue, poetry, love, and lust. Only words. I will find it.
Princess Nuala: [Eyes the blue-colored book she placed the hidden crown piece in]

Auctioneer: This is outrageous! Please, take whatever you want, but leave us alone! Sir, I demand-!
[Nuada throws a living root at the Auctioneer, which wraps around his face and suffocates him to death]
Prince Nuada: Be quiet.