Prince Nuada
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Biography for
Prince Nuada (Character)
from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

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Prince Nuada 'Silverlance' is the son of the one-armed Elf King Balor, ruler of the Elves and of all the magical races collectively known as the 'Sons of the Earth'. Nuada is the last great warrior of his people, highly proficient in the martial arts, and whose weapon of choice is a magical spear that can extend to several times its own length. He also carries a matching sword with a cleaver-like blade with a special groove cut in its end for catching the blades of his opponents. In appearance he is like the rest of his kind: pure white skin, hair so blonde it is also almost white (though darkening to gold at the ends), and with yellow eyes with irises larger than that of humans. His lips and eyelids are black. (And as is seen when he and his sister are injured, their blood appears to be a dark gold rather than red.)

The Prince's twin sister, Nuala, shares with him a bond so close that if one is injured the other suffers the same wound. At times this bond also allows them to know the thoughts and intentions of the other. Yet their characters are completely unalike, for he is warlike and relentless while she is gentle and desires peace above all things. The relationship between them is an uneasy one for Nuada reveres his sister greatly and she in turn seems overwhelemed by his attentions. Like their father the King, both siblings bear the royal scar: a line that traverses the cheekbones and upper nose.

Countless generations ago there had been great battles between the Sons of the Earth and the then-young Humankind as the newer race sought to own more than their share of the lands, thereby pushing the older, magical races into hiding. Thus the Golden Army was created (much at Nuada's urging) to annihilate the Humans and re-claim the lands without loss of life for the Sons of the Earth. But unable to bear the slaughter and destruction wrought by the Golden Army, the King of the Elves took pity on the Humans and called a truce. To seal this peace he broke the crown, the only object by which the Army could be awoken and controlled, and gave a third into Humankind's keeping.

Nuada, however, sickened by this pact with Humankind, left the Elven court to go into self-imposed exile. He declared that when his people needed him again he would return. What Nuada did during those long years of exile is unknown. But he returned when the piece of the crown given to Humankind appeared for sale at a modern auction in New York - and took a grisly revenge upon every human there.

Nuada then returned to the Elven Court (now hidden underground among the tunnels that serviced the Human cities above) and declared his intention to re-join the pieces of the Crown, awaken the Golden Army, and re-claim the world from Humankind whose endless greed he said would destroy them all. But his father, King Balor, felt honour-bound to keep the truce, even if it meant the eventual fading of his people; and Nuala, Nuada's sister, made it clear her loyalties were with their father. The Prince was sentenced to death.

Heart-broken but resolute, Nuada killed his own father and took the crown-piece he had guarded. The last piece was in his sister's keeping, but she fled before he could take it from her.

In his pursuit of his sister and the crown-piece she carried, Nuada was brought into conflict with Hellboy and the BPRD. He ruthlessly sacrificed the last Tree Elemental or 'Forest God' by setting it upon the city. As Hellboy tried to destroy the rampaging creature, Nuada appeared and tried to convince Hellboy to join his cause. He argued that the Demon had more in common with the Magical races than with the ungrateful and capricious Humans...

The BPRD took Nuala with them to keep her safe, while there she hid her piece of the crown inside a book. But Nuada found her by following the pyschic link they shared, and when he could not find the crown-piece he took her as ransome against it. During this confrontation he stabbed Hellboy, almost killing him, but seemed disappointed at the apparent ease with which he did it.

With his sister, Nuada then withdrew to Ireland, to the chamber of the Golden Army which was hidden deep underground. The BPRD followed and Abe Sapien, quite in love with the Elf Princess, naively offered up the final piece of the crown in exchange for her. With the crown restored, Nuada awoke the Golden Army, but was challenged for the right to command it by Hellboy (also of royal blood) with whom he was now obliged to fight.

Eventually Hellboy overpowered the Elven Prince but decided to let him live, even though Nuada urged the demon to kill him, for he confessed that he would not and could not stop. As Hellboy walked away with the Crown, Nuada drew a dagger to stab him from behind, but was stopped by the appearance of a mortal wound on his chest. Certain of what had befallen, he turned to see his sister has plunged a blade into her own heart, sacrificing her own life and simultaneously ending his. In this way she safeguarded the truce her father had upheld and died for.

Nuada collapsed into Hellboy's arms, offering a last grim warning of Human treachery, and how (one way or another) the end would be inevitable. Then facing his sister, he fell to his knees and as he died his body turned into stone which crumbled upon the chamber floor.

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