Bex Bissell
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Bex Bissell (Character)
from "Screen Two" (1985)

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"Screen Two: The Firm (#5.8)" (1989)
Bex Bissell: [shouts] I need the buzz!

Bex Bissell: That's almost funny.

Bex Bissell: How can I put this?
Bex Bissell: I can't
[Head butts Yousef's brother, Wes]

Bex Bissell: We come in peace, we leave you in pieces.

The Firm (2009)
Bex: [Terry bumps into Bex on the dance floor] Whoa. Sorry mate.
Terry: It's alright mate. Teach you to dance like a fucking melt though, won't it?
Bex: Slow down. I'm just cutting a rug with me wife.
Terry: [Terry looks at Bex' wife] What that?
Bex: No, you don't wanna make one with me mate. I'll fucking leave you behind.