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Ignitus (Character)
from The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) (VG)

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The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006) (VG)
Ignitus: In the Year of the Dragon, in a world beyond realms... I, like all the others, awaited the birth of the dragon of whom the prophecies foretold. But the Dark Master heard the prophecies as well. I should have hidden the eggs long before, but I... I thought we were ready. I thought they were safe... oh... how I was wrong.

Sparx: [after hearing Ignitus' story] Wow... sounds... fun. I wanna hang out with this guy.
Spyro: Yeah, why have you given up? I just find out that I'm this special dragon, and you tell me all is lost? That I have no home or family left? I've come way too far to give up now. I wanna see where I come from.
Sparx: Hold up, savior boy, were you not listening to this guy? He's talking about flying dragons, and war, and horrible... this is bad stuff, alright? I don't know if we're hearing the same thing...
Ignitus: Yes, Spyro. It's not as simple as that. It's true, the prophecies spoke of a purple dragon destined to his stamp on this age, but the prophecies didn't foretell the devastation that surrounds us now.
Spyro: Maybe you're right, but I'm willing to try. I want to take the first step.
Sparx: You're actually going to go along with this lunatic?
Ignitus: Very well then. We'll go. You deserve to see your beginning before it all ends.
Sparx: Am I the only one sane here? He's telling us we're doomed alright? That's when I go, "ah, maybe we should, you know, go back to the forest with the flowers and the fun stuff".

Ignitus: This was once your home, Spyro. Together we can make it our home once again... reclaim what's rightfully ours.
Spyro: What do you mean?
Ignitus: I mean that my time for heroics are past... but with your help, we might be able to beat Cynder.
Spyro: I... I can't, Ignitus. I just learned what I am.
Ignitus: You can, Spyro. You can. You are a purple dragon... a very special creature. You've given me hope again. Now it's time to give hope to all of them.
Spyro: I'm not sure what help I can be, Ignitus, but I'll try... I'll try.
Ignitus: Good. That's all I can ask. Now come with me, I have something for you.

Ignitus: Spyro... Cyril, the Ice Guardian, was taken to Tall Plains. You and Sparx must go there at once and find him.
Spyro: Yes sir.
Sparx: But if we see danger we should run... right?
Ignitus: There are times when all of us need to stand up to danger, young Sparx.
Sparx: Yeah, maybe next month, next summer, perhaps next year...
Ignitus: Just go... now!

Ignitus: If the Dark Master escapes, a shadow will fall over the land, and who knows what will happen then. May the ancestors look after you. May they look after all of us.

Ignitus: Now, it's time to unleash the true dragon within you.

[looking at the Pool of Visions]
Sparx: So what's with the pool, big guy?
Ignitus: If you must know, certain dragons have the ability to see visions... the thoughts, memories, and dreams of others... and to see what's happening in places far, far away. I am one such dragon, and in this pool the visions come forth.
Sparx: Oh really, is that so? Okay what am I thinking now?... What am I thinking now? Okay, now? Now? Now, now, now, now, now?
Ignitus: I'm afraid it's not that easy, Sparx. It takes time, reflection, and patience.

Ignitus: Feeling better, Spyro?
Spyro: No really, Ignitus. That battle drained every last bit of my strength. I can hardly lift my head.
Ignitus: Yes, it will take some time for your powers to return. But they will in time, young dragon. They will in time. Cynder, ever since I failed the night of the raid, I've dreamt of this day.
Volteer: It wasn't just you, Ignitus. We all failed.
Ignitus: Be that as it may... we're together again now... thanks to Spyro. Well done, young dragon.
Spyro: Thanks, Ignitus, but we still don't know what's happened to the Dark Master...
Terrador: No matter, Spyro. There will be time to talk of the Dark Master later. Now it's time to be grateful for your success.
Sparx: His success? What about me? Just because a bunch of weird stuff doesn't fly out of my mouth, doesn't mean I didn't help, ya know!
Spyro: Yeah, you were a big help, Sparx. No doubt about it. But... just for the record... a lot of weird stuff does come out of that little mouth of yours.
Sparx: And what the heck is that supposed to mean? You know, I don't need this. I could have stayed with the... Llama people, whatever, where I was appreciated, but no! No. I decided to help the poor helpless dragons rid the world of evil. What a mistake that was becaue I get no thanks, no respect, no love, no credit...
Ignitus: My goodness... and I thought Volteer talked a lot.
Sparx: I left home too, you know. I'm a little guy. yeah, that's right. Maybe you haven't noticed, but things are a lot bigger to me than they are to you. And did I back away? Uh-ah! Nah, nah, nah! Why? Because I've got moxy, I'm a tough cookie, I've got class... I got a fro...
Sparx: I got a little frog in my throat... As I was saying, on Tall Plains they knew a good thing when they saw it, they recognized the value of a quality dragonfly like me... but here I get nothing... not even a thanks, hey, how are you doing, good, let me buy you a drink. I should go back to the swamp... Mom'll make it all good... Mommy always does...

Cyril: Yes, yes, Volteer. I see that months of tortured captivity has down nothing to slow that electric tongue of yours from incessantly wagging.
Volteer: It's just that it's all so exciting, exhilarating, enchanting, enthralling...
Sparx: All right, no more thesaurus for you, pal.
Ignitus: All of you PLEASE be quiet!

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) (VG)
Ignitus: [looking into the pool of visions] What's this? Something is coming into focus.
[the pool reflects an image of Spyro near a giant tree]
Ignitus: This is peculiar. I see you... at the base of a great tree... Amidst a lake of mist and gloom.
Spyro: [excited] A tree? I've seen that tree!... In my dreams...
Spyro: only they usually feel more like nightmares...
Ignitus: Young dragon... you've been keeping secrets? What is it you see... in these dreams of yours?
Spyro: I'm sorry Ignitus... I thought they would go away... but they only get worse.
Ignitus: Relax, Spyro. Think.
Spyro: I keep seeing... a mountain draped in shaodw... a face of stone beneath two moons... and darkness.
Terrador: The mountain of Malefor.

Spyro: There was another... but it was more like I was seeing into the past and the future all at once... And there was a voice... calling himself the Chronicler. That's when I saw the tree.
Terrador: Impossible.
Sparx: Yeah, no kidding... there isn't even a storm.
Cyril: The Chronicler?
Sparx: What? Don't encourage him.
Volteer: I don't believe it, either. I've not heard that name is ages.
Ignitus: Nor has anyone. But there is no way that Spyro could have known. This is fascinating.
Spyro: Who is the Chronicler?
Ignitus: The Chronicler is an ancient dragon of immeasurable wisdom. Though I've only heard stories. In fact, I've had my doubts as to the legitimacy of the tales. Yet now, I am to wonder...
Terrador: As are we all. But if it is true, it is unsettling that the reemergence of the Chronicler would coincide with an attack on the temple... not to mention these other visions that Spyro is having.
Ignitus: Yes... very. Tales of the Chronicler are often interwoven with tales of doom.
Sparx: Oh goodie! I was afraid we might have to spend the rest of the night without anymore doom.

Volteer: It was only a matter of time Ignitus. We've all felt it. A great evil is on the horizon.
Ignitus: Perhaps, but we mustn't rush to judgment. This evening has brought about many unexplained things
Cyril: We may not have time, Ignitus. The celestial moons are almost at an eclipse, this we know for certain. We must prepare for the worst. The Night of Eternal Darkness draws nigh.
Sparx: If "nigh" means soon, I'm outta here.