Dr. Beecher
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Dr. Beecher (Character)
from Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)
Goldstein: Don't insult us, alright? I don't know what the hell's going on here, but I'm pleading the 5th until I speak to my lawyer.
Ron Fox: Oh, you plead the 5th, huh? Beecher, get me a copy of the Bill of Rights.
Dr. Beecher: The Bill of Rights? Why?
Ron Fox: Just do it!
[Beecher leaves room]
Ron Fox: 5 right?
Rosenberg: 5, sure.
Goldstein: 5 alive.
Ron Fox: Okay.
[Beecher comes in with the Bill of Rights]
Ron Fox: [undoing his pants] You want to know what I think of the 5th Amendment?
[rips off paper and wipes his ass with it]
Ron Fox: [holding up paper with crap smeared on it] There it is. That's what I think of the 5th Amendment.
Goldstein: Why the hell is your ass so dirty? Don't you wipe?
Ron Fox: Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to buddy.

Deputy Frye: I assume Secretary Whitmore is coming?
Ron Fox: Negative. He's on an ice fishing trip in Glacier Bay. I'm in charge while he's gone.
Dr. Beecher: Well, shouldn't he be alerted? Isn't this issue of more importance than an ice fishing trip?
Ron Fox: Who are you again?
Dr. Beecher: Dr. John Beecher, Vice Chairman of the NSA.
Ron Fox: Yeah, well, listen Dr. Dipshit - you've obviously never been ice fishing before.
Dr. Beecher: No, I haven't.
Ron Fox: Well it's fucking exhilarating.

Ron Fox: Do you have a problem with the way I run the show, Beecher?
Dr. Beecher: I'm just saying I looked through the files on Harold Lee and Kumar Patel. They were both born and raised in New Jersey. Other than a couple of traffic tickets, they're clean.
Ron Fox: Oh, right! That's why they just broke out of prison!
Dr. Beecher: It's not even clear that they should've been there in the first place!
Ron Fox: [growing flustered] Shouldn't have...
[walks over to desk and picks up a picture of a little girl]
Ron Fox: You see this cute little white girl, Beecher?
Dr. Beecher: Yeah.
Ron Fox: Do you want her to get raped and murdered?
Dr. Beecher: Of course not.
Ron Fox: You sure? Cause this is America. Do you want to rape America?
Dr. Beecher: No.
Ron Fox: Then stop fucking with me!
[throws picture against wall]

Dr. Beecher: [holding Fox at gunpoint] It's people like you that make the world think that Americans are stupid! I'm not stupid! I'm not gonna take this shit anymore!