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Edna Purviance (Character)
from Chaplin (1992)

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Chaplin (1992)
Charlie Chaplin: [noticing a pretty girl at the opposite side of a restaurant aisle] Excuse me Miss, do you always eat alone?
Edna Purviance: Only when I'm trying to make a new acquaintance. Actually I'm waiting for my girlfriend.
Charlie Chaplin: Actually I'm a motion picture director, and I'm forming a new company with Bronco Billy over there.
Edna Purviance: And you're looking for a new leading lady. Lucky me.
Charlie Chaplin: Obviously you are an actress, Miss...
Edna Purviance: Purviance. Sorry, just a secretary.
Charlie Chaplin: Don't be sorry. I'm auditioning for actresses who aren't actresses.
Edna Purviance: Well, if you're on the lookout for untalented actresses who aren't actresses, then you couldn't do better than me.
Edna Purviance: Worse than me.
Charlie Chaplin: [getting up after being called over by Sydney] Don't you want to know who I am?
Edna Purviance: I've no interest whatsoever in who you are
[pauses, Chaplin starts moving away]
Edna Purviance: Mr. Chaplin.