Captain Jack Wander
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Captain Jack Wander (Character)
from Street Kings (2008)

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Street Kings (2008)
Captain Jack Wander: This shit's crazy! You fucked them up! This is beautiful. And that machine gun shit - that was perfect. I know you hated waiting, but it's better this way. You alright?
Tom Ludlow: Yeah I uh... I got shot.
Captain Jack Wander: Yeah, but you're okay?
Tom Ludlow: Yeah, I'm okay Jack.
Captain Jack Wander: Because I know you're not tripping over these assholes right here. Fuck 'em. Screw 'em. You went toe-to-toe with evil, and you won.

Tom Ludlow: What's with you? Clady give you a happy ending?
Captain Jack Wander: Is that anyway to address a commander? Got the call from the chief this morning. Badge ceremony's next week.
Tom Ludlow: Congratulations, boss.
Sgt. Mike Clady: Hey, we're gonna have the keys to the city.
Detective Cosmo Santos: Believe that shit? They're crowning him king.
Captain Jack Wander: [raising glass] Let's give a toast to that. Toast to the king!

Tom Ludlow: [getting up to confront Washington] I'm just going to talk to him.
Sgt. Mike Clady: [holding Ludlow back] No, you're not. You're not.
Captain Jack Wander: You wanna talk? Let's talk about my foot up your ass if you don't sit the fuck down in your goddamn chair right now!

Captain Jack Wander: [to Ludlow] I can't afford to lose you. Who'd do what you do? You are the tip of the fucking spear. Who's going to hold back the animals?

Captain Jack Wander: You like Tom, don't you? I saw the way you watched him when he came in. That's why you follow him around. You want him to give you a blowjob, like that hooker that I caught you with when we were sergeants, remember?
Captain James Biggs: Shut up, Jack!
Captain Jack Wander: Does your wife know that you use prostitutes, Jimmy?
Captain James Biggs: It was the best head I ever had. And what about you, Jack? You always found it hard to keep your prick out of the ghetto. It's a two-way street, buddy. You can't ride the tiger forever. You get the hell out of my office.
Captain Jack Wander: Do the department a favor and wash your mouth out with buckshot.

Captain Jack Wander: I'm sick of this shit, man. It's the same damn song for three years. Crying about your wife. She's gone, Tom. What's it going to take to bring you back from Mars?
Tom Ludlow: Have I ever asked you for anything?
Captain Jack Wander: You know what, you ask me for shit all the time.
Tom Ludlow: Big things, Jack. Important things.
Captain Jack Wander: What's up, Tom?
Tom Ludlow: Give me a green light to take out the assholes who did Washington. Come on, Jack. King's X.
Captain Jack Wander: What the hell is this?
Tom Ludlow: I can lay them out like I did those Koreans, but off the books. I'm talking shovels and trash bags. Who's going to know? Who's going to care?
Captain Jack Wander: The Koreans? That was business. This is some crazy bullshit wrapped around in that drunk ass mind of yours. Look at yourself. Look at yourself Tom, you're a mess! When did you start drinking today? You're little airplane bottles of vodka. And you drove over here intoxicated. You want a second DIU?
Tom Ludlow: [yelling] No one's going to fuck with me Jack! You're not listening to me! You're not listening to me!

Captain Jack Wander: [after Ludlow tears down his wall] This is my power. This is my crown. I'm the king of secrets, Tom. I know which city councilmen is doing lines. I know who likes boys, I know who's selling contracts, I know who beat his wife. I own them, even the chief. He's in my pocket, Tom. How do you think I've been able to protect you all these years? What do you think is it you're doing? All these missions. How do you think you're able to touch the untouchables? I'm going to be chief. I will be chief! I will be mayor! This is our world, Tom! So let's take it!
Tom Ludlow: Is that why you put a hit on Washington? Why you tried to kill me? So you can keep stuffing money in your wall?
Captain Jack Wander: But this is our money. The unit's. Who do you think paid for Silky's defense, through all those law suits? Who's going to pay for your retirement? I'm just correcting a flaw in the system, Tom. This is about cops helping cops. And if a teacher, or a fireman, could do it, they would do it too.
Tom Ludlow: What happened to just locking up bad people?
Captain Jack Wander: We're all bad, Tom.
Tom Ludlow: You were my best friend.
Captain Jack Wander: You were family.

Tom Ludlow: You killed Washington!
Captain Jack Wander: Fuck him! Fuck Santos! Fuck Demille! Fuck Clady! Fuck them all! Fuck them all! They're a dime a dozen. You... you, man. You're special. You're special to me.