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Quotes for
Emily Webb (Character)
from Our Town (1940)

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"Great Performances: Our Town" (1989)
Emily: My, isn't the moonlight terrible?

Emily: Oh, Mother Gibbs, I never realized before how troubled and how... how in the dark live persons are. Look at him. I loved him so. From morning till night, that's all they are--troubled.

Emily: Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?--every, every minute?
Stage Manager: No. Saints and poets, maybe--they do some.

George Gibbs: Emily, if I do change, and make a big improvement... could you be- I mean, would you be-?
Emily Webb: I already am, George. I always have been.
George Gibbs: So, I guess this is a pretty important talk we've been having!

Our Town (2003) (TV)
Emily: Does anybody realize what life is while they're living it - every, every minute?
Stage Manager: No. Saints and poets, maybe. They do some.