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Mother Libby (Character)
from Going the Distance (2004)

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Going the Distance (2004)
[the farmer's sexy daughter, Josephine, crawls under the dining table and begins giving Dime a blowjob by surprise]
Mother Libby: This darling young man has volunteered to say grace.
Farmer Joseph: Go ahead, son.
Dime: [struggling] Uh. Dear lord... thank you for giving us such a, succulent, meal. Bless us, and please forgive us for anything that we've done... or are doing right now. Do it, don't stop loving us, don't stop baby, please, don't stop. Uhh... And let us... swallow our sins and... oh... oh, Christ... OH, CHRIST! Praise Jesus!
Farmer Joseph: Praise Jesus. Feels good don' it... how a good prayer leaves ya drained. OK, let's eat! Pass the meat!

[after crawling under the dining table to give Dime a blow job by surprise, the farmer's sexy daughter, Josephine, suddenly does the same to Jill]
Jill: Oh, my God...
Sasha: Jill...
Mother Libby: Are you okay?
Jill: Hmm? Mm-hmm. Mm. Oh. Oh... oh, God.
Mother Libby: Joseph, something strange is going on.
Jill: Oh!
Farmer Joseph: Wait a second. I know what's happening here...
Jill: Oh... oh, oh...
[referring to the unseen Josephine]
Jill: Fuck you!
Farmer Joseph: Libby, call the exorcist. These kids are possessed! And get my gun!
Nick: No, no, no, sir, I assure you...
Jill: Ohhhhhh, shit!
Farmer Joseph: Now, that's it. Everybody out! Out, out!
[when they're outside]
Farmer Joseph: And take Lucifer with you!
[shoots his gun in the air]