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Quotes for
Joe Leaphorn (Character)
from Skinwalkers (2002) (TV)

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Skinwalkers (2002) (TV)
Emma Leaphorn: Hey, honey. Surfing for porn?
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: Yeah, right.
[after he ignores her greeting]

Emma Leaphorn: Hear this Joe? Free medical advice. Hey, Joe has athlete's foot so bad...
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: For crying out loud, Emma!
Emma Leaphorn: Oh, don't be embarrassed Joe. Jim here's ah...
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: Yeah, yeah I know. A medicine man.

Lt. Joe Leaphorn: The young man, is he a resident?
Nurse: Dr. Stone? He used to run the ER at Santa Fe General. We're still pinching ourselves he moved back here.
Emma Leaphorn: My husband: The Detective. Be nice.

Lt. Joe Leaphorn: Give me a hand with this.
[investigating a grave robbery]
Officer Gorman: Me? What about Chee?
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: He's spiritually exempt.
Officer Gorman: Spiritually exempt, my ass.

Emma Leaphorn: I can't tell you how right it feels to be here. Oh, come one. I mean, childhood in Phoenix or not. Joe, can't you... Can't you feel it?
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: Oh, God, I wish I did. I keep waiting for something, but... nothing.
Emma Leaphorn: Well, whatever happens from here on out, I'm not leaving.

Emma Leaphorn: Well, when something bugs you, usually turns out to be important, so I would stay on it. Come one, Joe. You'll solve it. You'll be a little dull until you do, but I know you'll solve it.
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: You're the best.
Emma Leaphorn: I know.

Lt. Joe Leaphorn: You, go on ahead.
Jim Chee: I can't.
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: And why not?
Jim Chee: The ruins. It's not good for healers to be around them.
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: It's an archaeological dig, Officer Chee. What did you expect to find up here, Easter eggs?

Emma Leaphorn: You know, you're the most attractive man in this restaurant.
Lt. Joe Leaphorn: I'm the only man in the restaurant.

Coyote Waits (2003) (TV)
Joe Leaphorn: One night, when I was a kid, my Father took me outta bed and took me to the car. We drove to town, parked in front of some building. He didn't say why, he just said "watch." Turns out it was a bar. So, all night I watched them stumble out, men I knew and respected. I watched them fall to the sidewalk. If I had just one wish, it would be to get rid of booze. No more scotch, no more whiskey, gin, vodka. Nothing that would make a man beat his friend with a hammer.

Janet Pete: I'm worried about your friend.
Joe Leaphorn: Who's that?
Janet Pete: How many do you have?
Joe Leaphorn: The few and the proud!

Joe Leaphorn: Nothing happens by chance.
Janet Pete: That's not very Navajo.
Joe Leaphorn: No, that's me.

Joe Leaphorn: You need a wife.
Jim Chee: Well, if you're offering Emma, I accept.
Joe Leaphorn: No, to keep you sane.
Jim Chee: You could've just called to tell me that.

Emma Leaphorn: It's all about perspective, honey.
Joe Leaphorn: What?
Emma Leaphorn: You look at the world one way and it's filled with hatred, right? You look at it another, the same world's filled with love, passion. Same worlds, it's only the perspective that's changed.

Joe Leaphorn: You know, sometimes, I don't think we solve anything. We just rearrange the mystery.