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Archmage (Character)
from "Gargoyles" (1994)

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"Gargoyles: Avalon: Part 2 (#2.22)" (1995)
Archmage: There is no hope for you under the heavens. I'm insulted you thought otherwise.
Goliath: [Breaking free] Don't be *too* insulted!

Phoebe: Oberon will not be pleased.
Selene: He entrusted us to guard the gates of Avalon.
Luna: Now we are banished from that fair isle by a magician's parlor tricks.
Archmage: Might I suggest an alliance?
Selene: We make no pacts with sorcerers!
Archmage: Not even if I can promise you revenge on these mortals?
Phoebe: ...We are listening.
Archmage: It will take some time.
Luna: What is time to an immortal?

Archmage: [Referring to MacBeth and Demona] Protect these two, guide their courses.
Luna: Archmage, have you forgotten Oberon's law magically forbids us from directly interfering in human events?
Archmage: The law that cannot be broke, can surely be bent.
Phoebe: [smiles] This is true.

Archmage (Future): Give him the Grimorum.
Selene: Are you mad? The Eye and the Gate were forged on the island. But the Grimmorum is full of *human* sorcerery!
Luna: By Oberon's law, no magics may enter here, save Avalon's own!
Archmage: You mean we went to all that trouble to get the Grimorum and now I can't even take it in with me? What am I supposed to do? EAT IT?
Archmage (Future): You *are* learning!

The Weird Sisters: Why did you call us off?
Archmage: If we wait until dawn, the gargoyles will be stone. Three puny humans will be all that stand between us and victory! Besides I needed to give them time to bring Goliath to the island. My vengenance would not be complete without *him*!

"Gargoyles: Avalon: Part 3 (#2.23)" (1995)
Goliath: [after Demona fires on Gabriel and Angela] No! They are our clan's children! Demona, I know you hate humans, but these are innocent gargoyles.
Demona: No.
[breaks the spell]
Demona: It cannot be.
Goliath: And you MacBeth, does you much vaunted sense of honor include the slaughter of innocents?
[MacBeth breaks free]
Goliath: The Archmage is *using* you!
Archmage: [Appears and chuckles] Oh, you're very good Goliath. But appealing to their better natures won't help you. They are *my* creatures now!

Archmage: I generously allowed them to live until dawn, but they're so eager to DIE!

Archmage: [his last words] All my lovely magic...

Archmage: Did you think I'd forgotten our last battle?
[blasts Goliath]
Archmage: Well, I'm no longer that weakling. I could destroy you with a word!
Goliath: Then why don't you?
Archmage: Because I'm having too much fun!