Grandpa Gohan
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Grandpa Gohan (Character)
from "Dragon Ball" (1986)

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Dragonball: Evolution (2009)
Grandpa Gohan: [battling Mai] Hah! Come on!
[Piccolo enters]
Grandpa Gohan: Piccolo...

[presenting the Four-Star Dragon Ball]
Grandpa Gohan: There are only six others in the world, each with stars of one to seven. Besides you, Goku, this is my greatest treasure.

Grandpa Gohan: Always have faith in who you are.

[first lines]
Grandpa Gohan: In a time before many can remember, our planet faced its greatest challenge. A warlord named Piccolo camed from beyond the stars, bringing darkness and chaos to our once peaceful world. Aided by his disciple Oozaru, the evil pair brought the human race to the brink of annihilation. Cities and countries crumbled beneath them. Countless lives were lost. But... finally, a group of brave warriors created the Mu Fu Ba, a powerful enchantment that imprisoned Piccolo deep within the Earth. With his master captured, Oozaru disappeared, and balance was slowly returned to our world. And so it has remained for thousands of years, until now.

Grandpa Gohan: The first rule is... there are no rules.

Grandpa Gohan: You rely too much on your senses. Eyes, ears, these are overrated. You must see with your heart.

Goku: Teach me, how to talk to a girl. I mean, I'm different, and everyone at school can see that, teach me how to get a girl, how to be smooth... how to be normal!
Grandpa Gohan: Normal is also overrated. You must have faith in who you are.

"Dragon Ball Z: He's Always Late (#16.13)" (2003)
Chi-Chi: You mean he deserted his family to go look at some eggs? What kind of lame excuse is that?
Goten: Yeah, but they're going to hatch soon. He wanted to make sure that they're okay.
Gohan: I looked all over, Mom. He's not anywhere around here. Hey, do you want me to go check on the other side of the mountain?
Chi-Chi: No way! Come on, we're leaving without him. Can't he stop saving things just for one day so that we can be together as a family? Is that too much to ask? Why can't someone else be the egg man today? This is absurd!

Krillin: Where's Goku?
Chi-Chi: He's having a baby!
Android 18: WHAT?
Gohan: It's a long story...

Gohan: So dad, what was the most weirdest part of the day?
Goku: Well, I'll tell ya! I've eaten plenty of fish, but that's the first time one ate ME!

"Dragon Ball Z: Out from the Broken Sword (#14.19)" (2002)
Goku: [picks up a gargantuan boulder] Lets start out with this small one.
Gohan: Right, dad! Ready when you are!
Supreme Kai: That's a small one?

[the Z Sword is broken]
Gohan: Huh... oh no! Now it's... the Z Dagger...?

Goku: My old master likes girly magazines. We'll get you some!
Gohan: Oh boy! Uh, dad...
Supreme Kai: Goku, please! How inappropriate!
Elder Kai: Hmph! I have no need for such things... With my omniscient vision, I can see girls playing volleyball on the beach!
Supreme Kai: You call yourself a Kai?
Goku: Hey, old man! How 'bout we get you a date with a real live Earth woman?
Elder Kai: Is she a good kisser?
Goku: Yeah, of course.
[the Old Kai cackles]
Goku: [to himself] What luck! This guy's just like Master Roshi!
Gohan: Dad, are you nuts? How are you going to find someone that wants to kiss that guy?
Goku: Hey, don't worry. I can't go back to Earth, but YOU can. This is all too simple. You can handle it, son. It might require a little sacrifice, though. Can you get Videl to do it?
Gohan: [outraged] DAD! I'm not gonna ask my girlfriend to kiss that old relic!
Goku: Okay, okay. Sheesh. Who else do we know...?

"Dragon Ball Z Kai: Combine Our Power! The Mightiest, Final Kamehameha (#1.96)" (2011)
Goku: NOW!
[Gohan Screams as he unleashes all his power on Cell]
Cell: NO! THIS CAN'T... BE -AH!
[Gohan Begins advancing forward, holding the blast Steady. Cell Screams out in pain as Gohan's Kamehameha begins ripping him apart one cell at a time]
[Cell yells defiantly as the blast rips him apart, disintegrating him down to the last remaining cell. At long last, Cell has been defeated]

"Dragon Ball Z: A Black Day for Planet Earth (#1.15)" (1997)
Gohan: [Piccolo blasts him with his eyes] Hey, you cheated! You said no eye lasers!
Piccolo: And what if I did? You should never believe anything the enemy tells you!
Gohan: Yeah, but I mean, you're not the enemy.

"Dragon Ball Z: One More Wish (#10.28)" (2000)
Shenron: I will wait no longer! Do you have a wish or not?
Krillin: ...Yes, I do! I would like you to change Android 17 and 18 into human beings, so they can live out their lives in peace!
Gohan: Gosh, Krillin...
Shenron: That wish can not be granted now. It is beyond my power to do so.
Android 18: [watching from afar] What's he doing?
Krillin: Sorry, guys. I had to try.
Yamcha: Hey, look, no prob! The girl's cool! But her boyfriend, I would never wish that guy back! Would you, guys?
Piccolo: Sure, hadn't we already tried? We wished for all of Cell's victims back, right, and he was one of them! Besides, what would Goku do if he were in our shoes?
Yamcha: Right, I see what you mean... All right, you got the floor, bro!
Krillin: Great! I have one more wish! Could you the the explosives out of the androids' bodies? That shouldn't be too hard, right?
Yamcha: Man, Krillin, I hope you know what you're doing...
Shenron: I can.
Krillin: All right!
[a burst of energy occurs]
Shenron: There, it has been done.
Krillin: Thanks! Thanks very much!
Shenron: You're welcome. I must go now.

"Dragon Ball Z: Goku's Next Journey (#16.16)" (2003)
Videl: You mean your dad's gone? Just like that?
Gohan: Yeah, he has his way of coming and going.
Chi-Chi: Uhhh... how could he...?
Bulma: I'm sorry, but Goku's going to have to grow up someday and realize that there's more to life than fighting.
Piccolo: He seemed happy to me, more so than in a long time.

"Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Goku (#1.21)" (1997)
Piccolo: Gohan, you're the only real friend that I've ever had. I wanna thank you.
Gohan: But, Piccolo...
Piccolo: I remember the first day that I brought you here, you've changed so much since then. The harder things got, the more determined you became. I'm proud of you. Hey, sorry I was soo rough on ya. I knew you could take it. Get'em Gohan...
[Piccolo fades from existence]
Gohan: No... NOO!

"Dragon Ball Z: The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You? (#1.16)" (1997)
Gohan: Hey, you grew up with my dad, didn't you? He said guys underestimated because you're so short!
Krillin: Short, huh? Well, we were the same size. But then, he kept growing and I didn't.

"Dragon Ball Z: Explosion of Anger (#3.29)" (1999)
Goku: Gohan! It's time! Piccolo is our only chance of bringing the others back to this dimension. Take him to the ship and go!
Gohan: But what about you?
Goku: Don't worry about me now! I know I'm where I need to be!
Gohan: But... if we take the ship... that means you'll be stranded out here with no way home.
Goku, Gohan: I'm your father. Now listen, Gohan! Just do as I say!
Gohan: Whatever you want, dad.