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Jim Branning (Character)
from "EastEnders" (1985)

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"EastEnders: Episode dated 22 September 2005" (2005)
Jim: [Den's coffin is struggling to go through the doors of the Vic] Maybe you should lend them your doorstop.

[at the graveyard Chrissie is giving Den's eulogy when Peggy unexpectedly arrives]
Peggy: [shouts] Chrissie Watts! Murderer!
Chrissie: Peggy!
Peggy: [shouts] Look at you, standing there like butter wouldn't melt!
Pauline: Peggy!
Dot: Oh my Lord!
Chrissie: What are you talking about?
Peggy: [shouts] Funny that's just the question I asked Sam!
Chrissie: Peggy, we've been through all this.
Peggy: [angry] This time I actually listened to the answer!
Pat: Peggy, this really isn't the time or place.
Peggy: [angry] This is exactly the time and place to tell the whole world
Peggy: what a lying little tart she is!
Jim: Oh, blimey!
Peggy: [angry] Dressed in your widow's weave, Bible in your hand, pouring your heart out when all the time it was *you* who put him in that box in the first flaming place!
Jake: Sam put Den in that box, Peggy.
Peggy: [angry] Tell him. Tell us all before it's too late. Go on... get it off your chest. Do something right for once in your miserable little life. Tell us what you did to him.
Peggy: Tell him you're sorry!
Chrissie: Peggy, I've had enough of this.
Peggy: [shouts] I said tell him!
[slaps Chrissie hard across the face. Chrissie falls into the open grave onto Den's coffin]
Sharon: Peggy!
Peggy: [shouts, looking at Chrissie in the grave] Tell Den you're sorry! Tell Den!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 30 August 2004" (2004)
Dot: She said... "Don't ask for the moon. We have the stars."
Jim: Well, that's us, innit, eh? I mean, we're not gonna to set the world on fire, are we, Dorothy, eh? I mean it's just you and me, innit? That's all we've got.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 19 September 2003" (2003)
Sharon: [Sharon is looking for Phil in the Vic to confront him about Dennis being beaten up the day before] Phil?
Phil: You lookin' for me?
Sharon: Get up. Or are you too yellow to fight a woman today?
Phil: You wanna watch your mouth.
Sharon: Or what? You'll send the heavies round like you did yesterday to Dennis?
Phil: I dunno what you're talking about.
Sharon: That ain't worthy of ya, Phil.
Phil: Sharon, do me a favour. Go home. I got no argument with you.
Sharon: Oh, I think you have. Beating up my brother, that's one thing. But you didn't even have the guts to do it yourself! What's the matter, Phil? Too scared to get your hands dirty?
Phil: I'm scared of *no-one*.
Sharon: Oh, you've got a funny way of showing it.
Phil: You don't know what you're talking about.
Sharon: I know I came to see you this morning as a friend and you told me a bare-faced lie!
Phil: No, I didn't! I told you I never touched him. And that's absolutely true
Sharon: Oh very noble, so long as the words are right! You had Dennis done over on the day I came to wish you and Kate Well! That is *not* the Phil I used to know! That is *not* what I call strong
Phil: Yeah, well you can call it what you want
Sharon: A Mitchell who can't hold his hands up for what he's done? A Mitchell who needs hired help? You'd never catch your Grant being so pathetic; He'd die of shame first!
Phil: Well, you CAN compare us; you was happy to sleep with both of us after all, weren't ya?
[Sharon slaps him, onlooks wince, he retaliates, everyone gasps]
Alfie: There was no need for that!
Jim: Should say so! Wouldn't have happened in my day!
Patrick: You just don't hit a woman you know? Apologise!
Phil: I'm sorry.
Sharon: Oh, Save it, Phil.
Patrick: No, No. Let the man apologise.
Sharon: You know, I even thought I loved you once. But now I can see you for what you are; You're just another East End Wideboy, just another thug!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 31 August 2004" (2004)
Jim: You've got more important things to worry about than me.
Dot: No I haven't, have I? Cos I ain't scared of dying. I mean this thing what's eating away inside, well, it's horrible, but Jesus look after me. So I ain't scared of dying... And I ain't that scared of the pain and losing my dignity, or my pride. No... what worries me is leaving you behind.
Jim: Oh, Dorothy...
Dot: I mean that ain't going to happen, is it? Cos whatever it is inside me, it can't touch what counts, can it? It can't kill love. And I got that, Jim. I know I'm loved.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 26 October 2000" (2000)
[15-year-old Sonia is unaware she is pregnant. She unexpectedly gives birth to a baby girl. Sonia's friend, Natalie, rushes into the pub to talk to Sonia's boyfriend, Jamie]
Natalie: Jamie, you better come right this minute!
Jamie: Go away, alright.
Natalie: Jamie, Sonia's had it!
Peggy: Had it?
Natalie: They're taking her to the hospital now.
Jim: Sonia? What's wrong?
Peggy: Sonia's had it? What you saying?
Natalie: Jamie!
Barry: What's going on? Is Sonia hurt?
Jim: Hurt? She's hurt!
Dot: Who? Who's hurt?
Natalie: It's a girl, Jamie! A baby girl!
[stunned silence]