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Pauline Fowler (Character)
from "EastEnders" (1985)

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"EastEnders: One Man's Trash (#1.6)" (1985)
Mark Fowler: Alright, so I nicked dinner money to buy fags and some days I bunk off. And yes, I'm afraid I'll be leaving school without a CSE. Quite honestly dad I don't care.
Mark Fowler: School's a load of crap.
Pauline Fowler: Mark!
Mark Fowler: I admi' i' all. So wha'? Next question.
Arthur Fowler: Alrigh', what abou' 'ome then; pinching money from your mum's purse, pinching 'er fags.
Mark Fowler: I don'.
Arthur Fowler: We know you do.
Pauline Fowler: Look it seems it all boils down to smoking. If you didn' need money for cigarettes, you wouldn' be doing these things.
Mark Fowler: Smoking's a big crime eh mum.
Arthur Fowler: [angrily] Well you shouldn't be doing it! Not at your age, it's bloody ridiculous!
Mark Fowler: What abou' mum then? Smoking when you're pregnant, even I know that's wrong!
Arthur Fowler: We're talkin' abou' you, not mum! She's been smoking for twenty years, she's got the 'abit! But there's no need for you to ge' it too, is there? All it's doing for you is getting you into trouble! Anyway from now on, you get no pocket money.
Mark Fowler: I get none anyway.
Arthur Fowler: And dinner money! You get none of that either.
Mark Fowler: What's the point of tha'?
Arthur Fowler: Because I'm not forking out for you to spend on fags, am I!
Mark Fowler: Well I'm even more likely to nick someone else's money an' all.
Arthur Fowler: Are you takin' the mickey or wha'? Good God it's one thing that's the matter with you init. I've had to take the day of work to sor' ou' you and your troubles! Don't you care wha' happens to you? And what exactly are you gonna do, 'ave you though' abou' tha'?
Mark Fowler: Much the same as you I expect dad. Si' around on my arse during the dark.
Pauline Fowler: [gasps, and then slaps Mark on the face] Mark!
Mark Fowler: Don' 'it me mum. I don't like it, it makes me loose my temper.
Pauline Fowler: Get out, just get out. C'mon, I won't have you talking to your father like that. 'e's not a no good lay about skiver, I don't wanna see you the rest of the day!
[Mark slams the door and exits. Pauline sighs]

"EastEnders: The Anniversary Walk (#1.2)" (1985)
Lou Beale: Why d'ya want to bring more children into the world while you can't manage the ones you got? I can't think.
Pauline Fowler: I'll, er, make us a nice cup of tea, shall I?
Lou Beale: No thank you.
Pauline Fowler: Please don't let's have an atmosphere. We've all got to live in the same house. At least let's be friendly. Arthur's still at the pub.
Lou Beale: Is he?
Pauline Fowler: Yeah. He wants to tell Pete and Kathy about the baby, we'd like them to know.
Lou Beale: I see.
Pauline Fowler: Look mum, why can't you just accept what's happened and be glad for us, eh? Ya know, you really upset Arthur today, he can't take that sort of aggro.
Lou Beale: We one thing I will say for Pete and Kathy, at least they got a bi' of sense.
Pauline Fowler: Yes well I wouldn't have dreamt of having an only child like they've got, and neither would you either in your day.
Lou Beale: And as a result, look at 'em. Nice flat, smart clothes, TV with corners, gadgets everywhere.
Pauline Fowler: Yeah well I'd rather 'ave a baby than things anyday!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 25 December 2004" (2004)
[outside The Queen Victoria pub Jim and Derek sing God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen. An angry-looking Den opens the door and the singing stops]
Dot: Merry Christmas.
Den: Go away.
Pauline: [shocked] We've come for our Christmas dinner!
Den: Christmas is cancelled.
[slams door]

"EastEnders: Episode dated 1 January 2002" (2002)
Peggy: I said get out, you cheap peroxide old bag!
Pauline: Oh, yeah? And what's this? Strawberry blonde at seventy! That's "real" is it?
Peggy: Shut up! I'm *not* seventy!
Pauline: No, but you look it!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 22 September 2005" (2005)
[at the graveyard Chrissie is giving Den's eulogy when Peggy unexpectedly arrives]
Peggy: [shouts] Chrissie Watts! Murderer!
Chrissie: Peggy!
Peggy: [shouts] Look at you, standing there like butter wouldn't melt!
Pauline: Peggy!
Dot: Oh my Lord!
Chrissie: What are you talking about?
Peggy: [shouts] Funny that's just the question I asked Sam!
Chrissie: Peggy, we've been through all this.
Peggy: [angry] This time I actually listened to the answer!
Pat: Peggy, this really isn't the time or place.
Peggy: [angry] This is exactly the time and place to tell the whole world
Peggy: what a lying little tart she is!
Jim: Oh, blimey!
Peggy: [angry] Dressed in your widow's weave, Bible in your hand, pouring your heart out when all the time it was *you* who put him in that box in the first flaming place!
Jake: Sam put Den in that box, Peggy.
Peggy: [angry] Tell him. Tell us all before it's too late. Go on... get it off your chest. Do something right for once in your miserable little life. Tell us what you did to him.
Peggy: Tell him you're sorry!
Chrissie: Peggy, I've had enough of this.
Peggy: [shouts] I said tell him!
[slaps Chrissie hard across the face. Chrissie falls into the open grave onto Den's coffin]
Sharon: Peggy!
Peggy: [shouts, looking at Chrissie in the grave] Tell Den you're sorry! Tell Den!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 2 September 2005" (2005)
Dot: Pauline, what an earth's going on?
Pauline: They've taken my dog.
Dot: The police have?
Pauline: [shouts] Yes, just now!
Dot: They've arrested Betty?