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Quotes for
Happy Chapman (Character)
from Garfield (2004)

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Garfield (2004)
Happy Chapman: [Persnikitty] Here I am, working with this sack of dander on a dead end regional morning show.

Happy Chapman: If I could get my hands on a really talented dog, wouldn't Walter J
[his brother]
Happy Chapman: just choke on his Emmy?

Happy Chapman: I believe you've found my dog. He answers to Odie.
Mrs. Baker: Odie?
Happy Chapman: Family name.

Happy Chapman: Good morning, New York. I know you're gonna' flip for Odie, because he sure is flipping for you
[zaps him with the shock collar]
Happy Chapman: .

Happy Chapman: [to Garfield] Nice kitty.
Garfield: Let's see what's on the news.
[zaps Happy Chapman with the shock collar]

[repeated line]
Happy Chapman: Be happy.

Happy Chapman: I hate lasagna.