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Captain Johnson (Character)
from "JAG" (1995)

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"JAG: When the Bough Breaks (#8.9)" (2002)
Lt. Loren Singer: You'll find my report quite thorough, sir.
Captain Johnson: I'm not disputing your attention to detail, Lieutenant Singer. I just happen to disagree with your findings.
Lt. Loren Singer: A man was killed when that arresting wire snapped, sir. Another was seriously injured.
Captain Johnson: Are you under the impression, lieutenant, that this is the first time a tragedy like this has befallen a carrier during flight operations?
Lt. Loren Singer: No, sir. I just want to know why it happened on *this* carrier.
Captain Johnson: You know why.
Lt. Loren Singer: The boatswain's mates were collecting foreign object debris. A broken piece of launching rail that should have been removed prior to the landing of the second F-18. An arresting wire that shouldn't have broken snapped while trapping a plane that should have been waved off.
Captain Johnson: In a perfect world, Lieutenant Singer, every piece of FOD would be removed prior to the next landing. Every trap would be like clockwork, and no one but the enemy would experience casualties. But we do not live in that world. Had those boatswain's mates not acted, you'd be investigating the loss of an aircraft now and God knows how many fatalities.
Lt. Loren Singer: I am aware of that, sir.
Captain Johnson: You want to cut to the chase, then? Save me some reading? What is it you're after?
Lt. Loren Singer: For one thing, I want to court martial all the personnel that had a hand in putting those men in that position in the first place.
Captain Johnson: [waving Singer closer] You have *got* to be kidding?
Lt. Loren Singer: I assure you, sir, I'm quite serious.
Captain Johnson: Who exactly are we talking about here?
Lt. Loren Singer: Your landing signal officer, sir. Your air boss, the arresting gear department chief, the LSO's assistant, the arresting gear operator petty officer, the pri-fly lens operator, the...
Captain Johnson: [interrupting] That's enough. Thank you, lieutenant.
Lt. Loren Singer: I gave due consideration to these recommendations, sir.
Captain Johnson: I said that's enough.
Lt. Loren Singer: [standing at attention] Aye, aye, sir.

Adm. Albert Jethro 'A.J.' Chegwidden: Lieutenant Singer is a competent investigator, Captain. She's just a little too eager to prove it sometimes.
Captain Johnson: I wouldn't disagree, sir.

Captain Johnson: Commander, I have found that arguing with attorneys is rarely a winning proposition.