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Scooter (Character)
from "How I Met Your Mother" (2005)

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"How I Met Your Mother: Best Prom Ever (#1.20)" (2006)
Scooter: You're, you're breaking up with me?
Lily: There's still so much I want to do. I want to travel, live overseas as an artist, maybe have a lesbian relationship. Plus, I think I was just dating you 'cause you look a little bit like Kurt Cobain.
Scooter: I can't believe this. I can change. I can look more like Kurt Cobain.

Scooter: So big news. I heard from umpire school. I'm in!
Lily: Oh, disco! I am so happy for you.
Scooter: You mean happy for us, right, babe?
Lily: Scooter, you're gonna be an umpire someday.
Scooter: No, baby. *We're* gonna be an umpire someday.

"How I Met Your Mother: Something Borrowed (#2.21)" (2007)
Scooter: Maybe my words won't change your mind, but perhaps the words of a poet might. November Rain, by W. Axel Rose.
Robin Scherbatsky: It is a good song.