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Merlin (Character)
from Reindeer Games (2000)

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Reindeer Games (2000)
Merlin: Man, they got a shit load of cookies!

[Rudy and Gabriel talk about how they're going to pull off the robbery]
Rudy Duncan: I can tell you right now, going in there with A.K.s and ski masks ain't gonna do that.
Gabriel Mercer: [chuckles] Well, that part, Nick, was planned out the day I read your letters.
Rudy Duncan: Oh, yeah. What? we're all gonna dress up as cowboys?
Gabriel Mercer: No, no, not cowboys, Nick. Not on Christmas Eve.
[Gabriel and Merlin open a closet full of Santa Claus outfits]
Rudy Duncan: You gotta be kidding me.
Gabriel Mercer: Tis the season, convict.
Merlin: Ho... Ho, ho.

[Gabriel kicks Rudy down on the ground]
Gabriel Mercer: So... You wanted a weapon, convict?
Rudy Duncan: [Gabriel pulls out a handgun and aims it down at Rudy] Ahh! No. Dont'! Ahh!
[Gabriel pulls the trigger repeatedly and shows Rudy it's a squirt gun]
Merlin: Well, now, look at what Santa's dwarves have brought you. What do you say to Santa's dwarves?
Rudy Duncan: It's elves. Santa's Elves.
Merlin: You say, thank you, motherfucker.
[men chuckling]