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Gaheris Rhade (Character)
from "Andromeda" (2000)

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"Andromeda: The Unconquerable Man (#3.10)" (2003)
Gaheris Rhade: History will judge me a traitor for what I'm about to do. But if he fails. If Dylan fails, imagine how they'll judge him.
Trance Gemini: With silence.

Tyr Anasazi: You find betraying our people - all our people - funny?
Gaheris Rhade: Our people? Our people were meant to be living gods. Warrior poets who roamed the stars bringing civilisation. Not cowards and bullies who prey on the weak and kill each other for sport. I never imagined they'd prove themselves so inferior. I didn't betray our people. They betrayed themselves. You know this better than anyone.

Seamus Harper: We saw her first. Open salvage. Finder's keepers.
Gaheris Rhade: Salvage. The Commonwealth sent you.
Seamus Harper: Commonwealth? Wait a minute. You're with the original crew, right? You got stuck in time, didn't you? Oh, man, I got news for you, pal. There is no Commonwealth. There hasn't been a Commonwealth for over three hundred years.
Gaheris Rhade: Then this is a Nietzschean empire.
Seamus Harper: Nietzschean empire? Please, stop, you're killing' me.
[Rhade hits him again]
Seamus Harper: Ah, Stop it! You're killing' me.

Andromeda Ascendant: For a man who killed his captain and best friend without saying a word, you certainly seem reluctant to let him go.
Gaheris Rhade: I did what I had to do.
Andromeda Ascendant: For what? For the Commonwealth? The glory of the Nietzschean people? Look around you, Commander. You killed him for nothing.

Seamus Harper: Look, an AP fusion catalyst isn't exactly a precise weapon, you know? It's not going to work with the fleet scattered halfway across the nebula. Unless you can get 'em all to line up nicely to be incinerated.
Gaheris Rhade: I'll see what I can do.
Seamus Harper: What? You're serious.
Gaheris Rhade: Just get the catalyst working. You do your job, I'll do mine.

"Andromeda: Home Fires (#2.8)" (2001)
Dylan Hunt: Rommie could falsify data like this easily. Hell, if I wanted to, I could make it look like you were behind the whole thing.
Telemachus Rhade: And then you'd get everything you wanted, wouldn't you? The isolationists would be disgraced. There'd be a new election. Terazed would join the new Commonwealth.
Dylan Hunt: And you'd go to prison.
Telemachus Rhade: As cost-benefit ratios go, it's got a lot to recommend it.
Dylan Hunt: Betray an innocent man, gain the world, and lose... lose what, Mr. Rhade?

"Andromeda: Forced Perspective (#1.15)" (2001)
Gaheris Rhade: How many attempts?
Venetri: A dozen. Look, I know I should've helped them, but Ferrin was... Look, I will lead you through, I promise. Okay?
Gaheris Rhade: I thought you were dating our sponsor's niece?
Captain Dylan Hunt: Huh, maybe that's why she sent me.

"Andromeda: Under the Night (#1.1)" (2000)
Dylan Hunt: Gaheris, what have you done?
Gaheris Rhade: I'm proud of you. You should be.