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Quotes for
Bridget Parker (Character)
from "Neighbours" (1985)

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"Neighbours: Episode #1.5593" (2008)
Bridget: My dad seem weird to you?
Donna: No, he acted just like any other dad would, I reckon.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5628" (2009)
Declan Napier: [on Callum] What if our kid turns out like him?
Bridget Parker: We'll get babysitters a lot.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5429" (2008)
Bridget Parker: [talking about the band] We're not rock and roll Dad.
Steve Parker: Well, omo or whatever you kids play these days.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5500" (2008)
Bridget: I can't lie to the man I love!
Zeke: Yes, you can, it's very easy.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5447" (2008)
Bridget Parker: [about them] I'm making it simpler.
Ringo Brown: No, you're making it weirder.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5425" (2008)
Bridget: Ty rocks.
Declan: No, Ty sucks.