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Peter Ingalls (Character)
from "Little House on the Prairie" (1974)

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"Little House on the Prairie: I Remember, I Remember (#4.16)" (1978)
Peter Ingalls: You should go apologize to her, that's what. Tell her you're a dummy, a real dummy!
Young Charles Ingalls: Okay.
[Walks up to Caroline]
Young Charles Ingalls: I'm sorry.
Young Caroline: For what?
Young Charles Ingalls: Because I'm a dummy.
Young Caroline: What?
Young Charles Ingalls: A real dummy.
Young Caroline: What makes you say that?
Young Charles Ingalls: My brother. Bye.
[Charles walks back over to Peter]
Peter Ingalls: So what did you say to her?
Young Charles Ingalls: What you told me to say. I'm sorry. I'm a dummy. A real dummy.
[after hearing Charles Ingalls' naive remark, his older brother, laughs hard before speaking back to Charles]
Peter Ingalls: Ahhhh... You just graduated from dummy to jackass!