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Catherine Burns (Character)
from Personal Property (1937)

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Personal Property (1937)
Mrs. Burns: Catherine, dear, just where did we see "Ferguson" before? His face is so familiar.
Catherine Burns: Not to me it isn't.
Mrs. Burns: You never have any memory for faces.
Raymond Dabney: Could it have been in Cairo, Madam?
Mrs. Burns: Yes, of course, that's it. Cairo.
Catherine Burns: Just a minute, Mother, you've never been to Cairo.
Mrs. Burns: Oh, haven't I? I thought I had.
Raymond Dabney: Well, now that I think of it, I've never been to Cairo myself, Madam.
Mrs. Burns: That's funny. Have you ever been to Cairo, dear.
Catherine Burns: Not that I can remember, I haven't.
Mrs. Burns: Well, then, it can't have been in Cairo!
Catherine Burns: What a coincidence.
Raymond Dabney: It's a small world.
Mrs. Burns: We must get to the bottom of this, "Ferguson".
Raymond Dabney: By all means, Madam.

Catherine Burns: But, Crystal, darling, haven't you been well? You look so tired.
Crystal Wetherby: Oh, no, I've been all right. But, needless to say, you're the picture of health! You've gained, haven't you? It's very becoming though.

Catherine Burns: Tell me, have you always been a butler?
Raymond Dabney: Oh, yes, Madam, for generations.
Catherine Burns: Oh, I see. The family profession?
Raymond Dabney: Yes. Handed down from father to son.
Catherine Burns: How would you like to work in America?
Raymond Dabney: America?
Catherine Burns: Oh, yes. All the best American families have English butlers. They are sort of handed down from mother to daughter.