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Steven Floyd Torkelson (Character)
from "The Torkelsons" (1991)

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"The Torkelsons: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss (#1.3)" (1991)
Steven Floyd Torkelson: [Millicent wants to know why he misbehaved on a church hayride] Why should I know why I do anything I do?... Why should I listen to you about this stuff? Daddy hasn't even been in this house for a year and a half... If you knew anything, he never would've left. All I have is you women here, tryin' to tell me how to act like a man. If I listen to you, you could ruin my whole life.

Millicent Torkelson: I know you got nothin' but women around here givin' you advice about everything, and I know you'd prefer it was your Daddy tellin' you what it is you're supposed to do on a hayride, but me is what you get. And I gave you the best advice I know how.
Steven Floyd Torkelson: You forgot to tell me, Don't get caught.
Millicent Torkelson: Hey, Steve, I understand it's hard for you, when it comes to girls and that sort of thing, to take advice from me. So what you need is to find someone that you trust and that you respect who can give you advice of that nature.
Steven Floyd Torkelson: Like who?
Millicent Torkelson: We got Mr Hodges living right in this house, and you already know a lot about him, since you went through his things. Which, by the way, I explained to him that he's the first man living here since your father left, so there's a natural fascination on your part, which he seemed to understand.