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Chuckie Lee Torkelson (Character)
from "Almost Home" (1993)

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"Almost Home: Bowling for Daddies (#1.13)" (1993)
Millicent Torkelson: [Molly has informed Millicent that Chuckie Lee walked in on her in the bathroom and saw her naked] Chuckie Lee, you apologize to Molly for walkin' in on her.
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: Sorry, Molly.
Gregory Morgan: [to his sister] Now, Molly, you apologize to Chuckie Lee for turning him off of women for the rest of his life.

"Almost Home: The Fox and the Hound (#1.5)" (1993)
Millicent Torkelson: What's that under your jacket, Chuckie Lee?
[she lifts the coat off him and recoils in horror]
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: You mean this boa constrictor?
Millicent Torkelson: Chuckie Lee, you know my rule about bringin' home anything big enough to eat a chihuahua.
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: But this is no ordinary boa constrictor, Mama. It's our class pet. It's a real honor to have him over for the weekend. Let's try and make him feel at home, shall we?
Millicent Torkelson: I'm sorry, honey, but when your little sister sees that thing, she's gonna have a heart attack.
Mary Sue Torkelson: [little sister Mary Sue comes in the kitchen] A snake. Cool. Can I pet him?
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: Sure. He's real sweet and gentle.
Mary Sue Torkelson: What's his name?
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: Crusher.
Millicent Torkelson: Why can't your class have a sweet little furry pet, like a hamster or a bunny?
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: We had a bunny. Crusher ate him.

"The Torkelsons: Men Don't Leave (#1.7)" (1991)
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: Goodnight, Mamma.
Millicent Torkelson: Did you brush your teeth?
Chuckie Lee Torkelson: Yes, ma'am. Soon as I get back upstairs I did.
Millicent Torkelson: Say goodnight to your Daddy.