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Dr. Salik (Character)
from "Battlestar Galactica" (1978)

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"Battlestar Galactica: Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 1 (#1.2)" (1978)
Commander Adama: Oh, Doctor, is there any possibility... How soon can some of our pilots be returned to duty?
Dr. Salik: Commander, I told you: it's not a matter of how soon they will return to duty, it's a matter of how soon they will die.

Dr. Salik: Commander, going back there is the only hope those boys have.
Commander Adama: The only hope?
Dr. Salik: The only hope, sir.

"Battlestar Galactica: Greetings from Earth (#1.17)" (1979)
Dr. Salik: Dr. Wilker, do you realize that nothing we have on the Galactica seems to correlate with their symbols or systems?
Dr. Wilker: They're human.
Dr. Salik: Yes.
Dr. Wilker: The ship flies, it draws energy. It has to make sense. We're just going to have to start taking some chances.

Statesman Geller: You have your orders, doctor.
Dr. Salik: And you sir, have a problem with finding another doctor.
[walks out]
Statesman Geller: Adama, talk to him.
Commander Adama: Oh, I plan to.
Statesman Geller: Excellent.
Commander Adama: I plan on telling him that he has given me one of the proudest moments of my life.
Commander Adama: [stands up to address the Council of the Twelve] Something marvellous has happened here. Please... do not let it pass unnoticed.
[starts to leave]
Statesman Geller: Would you mind telling me what all that means?
Commander Adama: Dr. Salik has just reaffirmed that we are a race worth saving.
[exits the council chamber]