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Quotes for
Rose (Character)
from "American Dragon: Jake Long" (2005)

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"American Dragon: Jake Long: Homecoming (#2.20)" (2007)
Huntsmaster: By the Pantheon of Aztec Skulls I hereby wish for the destruction of all - Aaah!
[Rose zaps the Huntsman with her staff either knocking him out or killing him]
Rose: The destruction of all Huntsclan!

Rose: [about to be killed by the skulls power] Thank-you Jake! For everything! I'll never forget you!
Jake Long: Rose, no!
Rose: Jake, let go. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll be okay.

Sun Park: You bet your auras you will! The votes are in and you two have been nominated for king and queen!
Jake Long: Say what?
Rose: Excuse me?
Sun Park: The winners will be announced at the Homecoming ball this Friday. Isn't that groovy?
Rose: Homecoming?
Jake Long: King and Queen?
Jake Long, Rose: Groovy!

Jake Long: So, it's true?
Rose: Jake, I'm sorry.
Huntsmaster: [evil laugh] So, this is the American Dragon's true human form. Before I wish for your annihilation, any last words?
Jake Long: Well, considering the circumstances, I have just two: Let's dance!

Huntsmaster: Huntsgirl, hand me the skull and finish him.
[Rose hesitates]
[Rose throws the Huntsman the skull and starts to fight Jake]
Jake Long: [furious] Your parents! That's why you're doing this!
Rose: All I wanted was a normal life, but the Huntsclan took that away from me, and now there is only one way for this to end Jake.
[chains fly out of Rose's staff which bind and muzzle Jake, making him fall to the ground helpless]
Rose: I'm sorry.

Rose: [as she is moving to Hong Kong] It was nice talking to you.
Jake Long: You too, Rose. Happy Homecoming.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Ski Trip (#1.14)" (2005)
Rose: [as Huntsgirl] Why did you save me? We're mortal enemies! Or did you forget?
Jake Long: I wish I could.

Rose: [sweetly] Hi, Jake.
Jake Long: [stares at her coldly]
Rose: I'm sorry that we didn't get to hangout this weekend.
Jake Long: Hey, you were busy
Rose: Was there something you wanted to tell me? Is this seat taken?
Jake Long: [sad flashbacks of them together]
Jake Long: [sadly] Sorry, it is.
Rose: [walks away, shocked]

Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] Go ahead! Finish the job! The huntsclan will find you sooner or later! Trust me!
Jake Long: Actually, I don't.
Jake Long: [peels off her glove showing him Rose's 'birthmark']
Jake Long: [shocked] They were right.

Huntsmaster: What do you mean you won't be bringing me the abomible snowman pelt?
Rose: Don't worry. I have something better. A dragon skin. I'll be slaying it tonight.

Rose: [as Huntsgirl] Aww, is the big bad blizzard wind too much for your wittle dragon fire?

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Hunted (#1.24)" (2006)
Rose: [as Thorn, the Huntsgirl] You don't know me, dragon.
Jake Long: [chained up] I know there's more to you than that. Maybe you're a little rough around the edges, but every *Thorn* has gotta have a *Rose*.
Rose: What! What did you just say?
Jake Long: [catching himself] I... just... mean... I think there's another side to you. You're not like the Huntsclan.
Rose: Not yet, but I will be.

Rose: Tomorrow, I swear on our ancestors that I will slay the american dragon and fulfill my destiny!

Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] One dragon shish-ka-bob coming right up.

Rose: [as Thorn] It's over, Dragon! Say Goodbye!
Jake Long: [tied to a tree] Rose, no!
Rose: Wh - What did you call me?
Jake Long: Rose, if you want to say goodbye, say it to my human face.
[Jake transforms to human form]
Jake Long: Rose it's me.
Rose: Jake?

Jake Long: Yo, Huntsgirl, why are you doing all this?
Rose: [takes off her right glove and shows the dragon her birthmark] I am marked. It is my destiny.
Jake Long: Yeah, well, I got a birthmark the shape of Idaho on my rear... doesn't mean I'm gonna move there.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Dreamscape (#2.9)" (2006)
[first lines]
Jake Long: So you don't remember anything about your folks?
Rose: They died right after I was born. The Huntsclan took me in a raised me. My earliest memory is me lying in my Hunts-crib crying out for my Hunts-nanny to change my hunts-diaper.
Jake Long: Me too! Except for the Hunts-everything.

Rose: My parents didn't die. The Huntsclan took me from them. I have a family!

Rose: You know, baby Rotwood is kinda cute ...
[baby Rotwood belches]
Rose: Scratch that.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Love Cruise (#2.18)" (2007)
Rose: You want me to break up with Jake? I could never hurt him. I know that sounds weird from someone who spent the last year trying to slay him, but I could never break his heart. Let alone my own.

Jake's Grandfather: And an unfocused and distracted dragon...
Rose: a slain dragon. They taught that to us at the Huntsclan Academy.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Egg (#1.9)" (2005)
Jake Long: Ball, ball, ball-egg!
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] An egg? For me? You shouldn't have. But I'll take it anyway.

Teenage Worker: Exuse me ma'am but the ball pen is for children ages six and under.
Rose: [as Thorn] Can it Pipsqueak!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Professor Rotwood's Thesis (#1.8)" (2005)
Rose: End of the line leprechaun. So much for the luck of the Irish.

Jake Long: Sorry babe. But gold digging drops you on the 'hot meter'!
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] Your the one that's about to be dropped, dragon!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Fool's Gold (#2.11)" (2006)
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] No one touches the Huntsman!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Halloween Bash (#1.19)" (2005)
Huntsmaster: Huntsgirl, Have you chosen your prey?
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl, pointing her axe at a bound Chang] Yes. This one.
Huntsmaster: An excellent choice. Do you Huntsgirl pledge alliegence to the Huntsclan?
Rose: I do master.
Huntsmaster: Huntsgirl, begin your days as a true Huntsman and ...
Jake Long: [off screen] Kick out the jams!
[Rose is thrown onto a gravestone which knocks her out]

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Dragon Breath (#1.2)" (2005)
Rose: Brad said he asked me out tonight so he could dance with the prettiest girl in the room. I guess he goy his wish.
Jake Long: Come on, I want to dance with the prettiest girl in the room.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Academy (#2.3)" (2006)
Rose: [as Huntsgirl] And one last thing. Never show a dragon mercy. Ever.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Shapeshifter (#1.13)" (2005)
Rose: [as Huntsgirl] I liked you better tied up!
Jake Long: [in dragon form] I bet you say that to all the dragons.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Hong Kong Longs (#2.31)" (2007)
Jake Long: Rose, you remembered! But how?
Rose: You left this at my house. Let's just say it brought back some memories.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Act 4, Scene 15 (#1.5)" (2005)
Huntsmaster: Why was the door bolted and latched in six places?
Rose: You can never be too safe.
Huntsmaster: [steps on Jake's hand] Is there someone here?
Rose: I swear it's just me. All by my lonesome.