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Gwen Taylor (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Hello and Goodbye (#7.13)" (1993)
[Gwen kisses Lucy, the baby girl, hold by her loved father Daniel, and she back and reunited. Gwen is wounded in her left arm. And Gwen is going to be all right]
Daniel Morales: Oh, yes.
Gwen Taylor: She was in the ladies room?
Roxanne Melman: Yes. She was just sitting there waiting to be found.
[Gwen and Daniel want to thank Roxanne who helped found Lucy]
Daniel Morales: Oh, sweetheart. Thank God, you're all right.
Roxanne Melman: Look how, she's so happy to be back with her daddy.
[But Warren McElroy knocking the door and has made something important]
Warren McElroy: I notify the Santa Barbara Police Department, they've assign an officer to parents, round-the-clock.
Daniel Morales: You should come with me.
Warren McElroy: Daniel, you need to get Lucy to a safe place. And this woman still out there nobody knows what she wants. At least for the two of you apart and focuses split.
Gwen Taylor: Daniel, I'll be fine.
Daniel Morales: I'll call as soon as I get there.
[Daniel gives kiss to Gwen and Gwen is going to be okay. Gwen loves Daniel and Daniel loves Gwen]
Gwen Taylor: Drive carefully. Bye, sweetie.
[Gwen kisses Lucy, the baby girl. Daniel will take his daughter Lucy and heads safely to Santa Barbara County. While Warren McElroy keep an eye on the first watch to protect Gwen from being stalked]

[Here at home, Gwen turns on the lamp, and sees the Ice Hockey sports on television. Gwen's left arm will be healed, and she's looking up letters, sit down and drink tea. But someone is knocking on the door. But someone is going to stalk Gwen. She's going to answer the door and see who it is]
City Atty. Dana Romney: Okay. Okay.
Warren McElroy: Good evening, Ms. Taylor, I found this weasel, uh, slinking around in the shadow.
City Atty. Dana Romney: I wasn't slinking. That's my natural gait. Yeah.
Gwen Taylor: Romney?
City Atty. Dana Romney: Yeah. I'd thought I come by and see if you're okay, only I didn't know the way from cymbalist as a junior was parked on your front step. I guess I'll go.
Gwen Taylor: No. Come on in.
City Atty. Dana Romney: Really?
Gwen Taylor: Yeah.
[Romney will never do that ever again. And McElroy will let Romney to stay for awhile with Gwen]
Gwen Taylor: So, you still content to hang on here in the shadow?
Warren McElroy: Yeah. She makes it to the door, Ms. Taylor, I got her.
Warren McElroy: Okay.

City Atty. Dana Romney: [Dana Romney sits and watching TV] This is nice. You and me alone in the apartment, sitting, watching, uh, little TV. I want you to know. I'm willing to stay the night. If you wanna leave it, take the couch. Although it's probably safer if I don't let you out of my sight, okay, Gwen?
Gwen Taylor: Not when it's right outside.
City Atty. Dana Romney: You'd say you want me to leave?
Gwen Taylor: No.
[Gwen is opening the envelope and check the results. She looked, read, and it's the Huntington's test. Passed the test and Gwen is safe]
Gwen Taylor: Oh, God.
City Atty. Dana Romney: Publisher's Clearing House?
Gwen Taylor: [Gwen whispering] No. My Huntington's test. Safe. I thought I had Huntington's career, but, um...
City Atty. Dana Romney: Wait a minute.You had this information and you didn't...
Gwen Taylor: No, no, no. That doesn't matter, Romney. The fact is I'm fine. How can I be fine?
[Gwen laughs]
Gwen Taylor: Oh, God.
[Gwen give thanks to Dana Romney and give him a hug. How can Gwen ever repay City Attorney Dana Romney]
Gwen Taylor: Oh.
[Dana kisses Gwen]
Gwen Taylor: Romney.
City Atty. Dana Romney: Sorry. Yeah.
[Thank goodness]

Detective Tom Blomquist: [Gwen needs under surveillance police protection] Since Ms. Taylor's been staying here, we rerouted her calls, both lines are monitored.
Daniel Morales: Yeah. Gwen.
Gwen Taylor: [Gwen needs help, Daniel is on Gwen's side, here to protect Gwen, and then Daniel hugs Gwen safely. There's someone be with Daniel any minute] Daniel Morales, this is Melina's friend from the FBI. Behavior Science Unit, Warren McElroy.
Daniel Morales: [McElroy shows his FBI I.D. badge] Hi.
Warren McElroy: I'm so sorry hear about your daughter.
Daniel Morales: Do you thinks she's in danger?
Warren McElroy: Well, I think it's definitely a consideration. Yeah, I mean I've got all the information that Melina gave me. The thing that consumes me, is the fairy tale motif in the gifts and letters this woman sent. Eh, characters and - and children stories often meet tragic ends, they fall down wells or they - they eaten by wolves or - I remember rhyme about a cobbler name Grendel who grounded Davy's up to the sausages...
Detective Tom Blomquist: McElroy, you're not helping matters talking this way.
Warren McElroy: I have a successfully assisted in the safe return of 17 children kidnapped by mentally unstable suspects.
[McElroy will be back any minute and look for mystery clues in that ransom]
Detective Tom Blomquist: Mr. Morales, I'd like you to look over some mugshots.
Warren McElroy: Suspect doesn't have a record.
Detective Tom Blomquist: You know mine, I'm not sure. Mr. Morales, whenever you're ready.
Daniel Morales: Yeah. Yeah.

Warren McElroy: As soon as Linda Salerno's photos, fax, we'll let Gwen try and make a positive ID.
Daniel Morales: She was right there in my face, it just never occurred to me to do...
Detective Tom Blomquist: Stop about yourself up. How well did you know her?
Daniel Morales: Barely. Sometimes we said hello in the morning or goodbye at night. That was it.
[McElroy hand in the cup of coffee to Daniel]
Daniel Morales: Why - why would she picked me?
Warren McElroy: In most cases, erotomania the initial contact insignificant. To me as you might not even remember but to her, its the beginning the most meaningful relationship in her life.
Gwen Taylor: Why take Lucy?
Warren McElroy: To force a confrontation. We'll hear from her within 24 hours.
Detective Tom Blomquist: Or we could be in for a long wait.

Warren McElroy: As I was saying, uh, from everything that I know, it seems to suggest that this woman suffers from a combination a psychological disorders, primarily erotomania.
Gwen Taylor: She's a sexual deviant?
Warren McElroy: Uh, erotomania is about romance. Not sex. I mean it seems this woman is deluded herself into thinking that she has a relationship with Daniel.
Gwen Taylor: So, she knows Daniel?
Warren McElroy: You definitely met. You need to search your memory for any acquaintance that fits description that Gwen and Melina gave you.
Daniel Morales: I have. Oh, wait a minute.
Gwen Taylor: Daniel?
Daniel Morales: This woman who used to work as a court reporter for Santa Barbara county... Linda Salerno, I just ran into her at the courthouse. Oh, my God.
[Daniel finds out that Linda is on the loose]
Daniel Morales: I let her get away.

[Telephone ringing]
Daniel Morales: All right, I'll get that. You guys ready?
Detective Tom Blomquist: No. Ms. Taylor, that's your phone. You better answer it.
[Telephone ringing. Gwen will pick and answer it. The rest of the three will listen to other telephones]
Gwen Taylor: Hello?
Linda Salerno: [the stalker Linda's voice on the telephone] Hi, Gwen.
[Baby Lucy crying]
Linda Salerno: Oh, Lucy says hi, too.
Gwen Taylor: Please don't hurt her.
Linda Salerno: [Linda's voice] She wants to see you.
[Baby Lucy crying]
Linda Salerno: And you certainly must want to see her. Meet us at the Civic Center in the Tunnels. And, Gwen, don't bring anyone.
[the telephone hung up]
Daniel Morales: Let's go.
Warren McElroy: Oh, hang on. You have to go along.
Gwen Taylor: Okay.
Daniel Morales: What are you talking about? She goes by herself, that's out of the question.
Warren McElroy: No, listen, we'll be falling a short distance behind us, if this woman gets wind of us, with your daughter could be in real danger.
Detective Tom Blomquist: I'm afraid he's right.
Gwen Taylor: Daniel, you don't have any other choice.
Warren McElroy: It's your choice.
Daniel Morales: Let's just go.

[Here at the police department. The two police officers taken the suspect in handcuffs and was taking him to booking. Gwen here signing the release papers of Daniel Morales]
Daniel Morales: What took so long?
Gwen Taylor: You're still facing contempt charges for withholding evidence, the judge was walking to sign your release.
Daniel Morales: The judge is a mean son of a bitch. My little girl's kidnapped and he keeps me locked up.
Gwen Taylor: The police are working on a composite sketch, the woman told me.
Daniel Morales: You're sure this is the same woman claiming to be my wife?
Gwen Taylor: I'm positive.
Daniel Morales: What about the Attorney General's office? Has Melina has some connections there?
Gwen Taylor: Jerry spoke to the FBI agents and they gonna amuse the apartment.
Daniel Morales: All right, I'll drop you off there. I'm going back to the courthouse and, look to the file, see if I can dig up somebody with the motive.
[Pulling over is the Police Sergeant in the police car]
Police Sergeant in the Police Car: Morales?
Daniel Morales: You found Lucy?
Police Sergeant in the Police Car: No, no, no. You wasted your time withholding evidence by hiding that gun, Morales.
Daniel Morales: Well, what is that mean?
Police Sergeant in the Police Car: Last night at county, your client got down in by his own gang. The night, in the shower. Well, looks like you got yourself locked up for no reason, Counselor.
Gwen Taylor: Talk about a mean son of a bitch.

Gwen Taylor: [Yawning] I'm gonna go take a shower.
City Atty. Dana Romney: Oh, that's an idea.
[Dana strengthening his necktie]
Gwen Taylor: Alone.
City Atty. Dana Romney: By the time for me to go anyway.
Gwen Taylor: Well, I really appreciate you coming by, it was thoughtful.
City Atty. Dana Romney: Hmm. Do you want me to wait while you're shower?
Gwen Taylor: Oh, no, you... Um, yeah.
City Atty. Dana Romney: [Scoffs] Take your time.
City Atty. Dana Romney: Okay.

[City Attorney Dana Romney open the bottle of beers. Knocking the door]
City Atty. Dana Romney: McElroy?
Gwen Taylor: Something wrong?
City Atty. Dana Romney: I don't think so.
[Dana opened the door is Warren McElroy]
City Atty. Dana Romney: Hi, you look cold.
[Warren McElroy fell on the floor and he was shot in the back with an arrow by the stalker Linda Salerno. She is on the loose]
Gwen Taylor: Oh.
[Gwen and Dana Romney see that Warren McElroy was murdered]

"L.A. Law: Where There's a Will (#7.14)" (1993)
Gwen Taylor: [Telephone ringing, the recorder is recording the tape messages, Gwen has answer the phone is the stalker Linda Salerno] Hello, this is Gwen.
Linda Salerno: [the Police Officer listened to one of the earphones of the stalker Linda Salerno] Gwen, I didn't want you to think that I forgot. I am coming to get you.
Gwen Taylor: [Gwen's voice on the telephone] I'm not afraid of you.
Linda Salerno: Yes, you are. Bye-bye.
[Linda hangs up the phone]

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh, for heaven's sakes. What's wrong with Benny? No bagels. No bear claws.
Arnie Becker: No, blame L.A.'s finest who have us surrounded.
Gwen Taylor: It's been under surveillance is no picnic, Arnie, but I'm trying to go about my daily routines, so... let's get on with business.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Couldn't put it better myself. First up, everyone's favorite. Innocent convict. People vs. Osgood.
Leland McKenzie: Well, the bad news is Phillip Tice who confessed to the Halliday murder, uh, recently died. On the upside, I have secured an address on the missing witness. Daniel and I plan on paying him a visit.
Daniel Morales: Assuming the address is current.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Let's hope so because this could be for Frank Osgood's last chance. Next. People vs. Darcy.
Melina Paros: Anton Darcy is a longtime family friend. The grand jury indicted him for arranging his father's murder. I believe he's being framed.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What do you know the grand jury doesn't?
Melina Paros: Come on, Douglas, the grand jury with an indictable bologna sandwich has the D.A. wanted.
Leland McKenzie: Doesn't the D.A. have a confession?
Melina Paros: Not from our client, the police have another suspect in custody who's been offered a deal, now he's pointing the finger at Anton to save himself.
Jonathan Rollins: Because the trial's been expedited, I've been helping Melina, and I'll step in as needed.
[Leland gives cheers to Jonathan while drinking his glass of orange juice]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Keep us posted.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Bancroft vs. Bennett.
Ann Kelsey: Camille Bancroft, a Shakespeare Professor at Stanford is suing her colleague Simon Bennett for unfair competition.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Over Shakespeare?
Ann Kelsey: Simon Bennett and Camille Bancroft have taught together for years, not long ago he published his own book, based on their teaching method.
Stuart Markowitz: That's a great book. Shakespeare in Love. Won the Pulitzer Prize.
Ann Kelsey: Right. Deposition start today, and I was hoping to reach a settlement, but Simon and Camille are like stubborn children. They always have been.
Leland McKenzie: Do you know them?
Ann Kelsey: My first year at Stanford, I majored in drama. Overtime, I kept in touch with Camille.
Arnie Becker: Shakespeare's so depressing, I mean the lovers are always doomed.
Gwen Taylor: They're dead.
Melina Paros: That's why they call 'em tragedy.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: All's well that ends well.
[Douglas closed his pocket watch that the time is up. The law meeting is adjourned]

Daniel Morales: Let's go to bed.
Gwen Taylor: Oh, God.
[Telephone ringing. Gwen answer the phone]
Gwen Taylor: Hello?
Linda Salerno: [Stalker Linda Salerno's voice on the phone] Gwen?
Gwen Taylor: What if I ever done to you? Why can you leave us alone?
Linda Salerno: [Stalker's voice] I took a vow with Daniel. And since you stole my husband. I want to share the same vow with you, till death do us part.
Gwen Taylor: [Gwen confronting her stalker Linda Salerno on the telephone] Daniel is not your husband. You are not his wife. And if you think I'm gonna spent my life this way, you are wrong. If you want me, come and get me.

"L.A. Law: Cold Shower (#7.16)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Uh, can we get started?
Leland McKenzie: Just start, Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm started. People vs. Matz.
[That's for Jonathan Rollins' while pouring to get a cup of coffee]
Jonathan Rollins: Yes. Yes. That's mine. Matz' has accused of selling stolen artwork to undercover cop. I'm pleading entrapment.
Melina Paros: That's a tough cell.
Daniel Morales: I know it is. You yet to stolen art in his position?
Jonathan Rollins: He did.
Daniel Morales: Any sold it to the cop?
Jonathan Rollins: Yep.
Melina Paros: So where's the entrapment?
Jonathan Rollins: Well, my client's gay. He claims to a fallen for the cop. He also claims that it was mutual, I'd say for the purposes of his trial at least that, uh, the cop seduce him.
Arnie Becker: In other words, it's your only shot.
Jonathan Rollins: Yes, right.
Ann Kelsey: Then it must me true.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: In the matter of Celeste Bauman.
Stuart Markowitz: Yes, that's me. Uh, Ms. Bauman has accompanied that markets' vitamins and dietary supplements, the IRS claims that she has under paid her taxes by some $800,000, and for some reason to being nasty about it.
Melina Paros: The IRS's nasty?
Stuart Markowitz: Celeste is gonna need little managing, but I think we can resolve it.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Gwen, you're observing on to this one, correct?
Gwen Taylor: Yep.

Stuart Markowitz: We have tax returns for the last 10 years, where do you want to start?
Celeste Bauman: I didn't build my business on vitamins and nutrients supplements alone, Mr. Pick. I build it on stamina, I build it on guts, and I build it by hearing to a personal philosophy that does not allow me to become intimidated by anyone.
Stuart Markowitz: Celeste, Mr. Pick is just trying to do his job.
Marvin Pick: That's right. And my job is to enforce the tax code. I enforce you comply.
Celeste Bauman: You're not a well man, Marvin.
[Stuart and Gwen turned to Celeste, and looked what's wrong with Celeste]
Celeste Bauman: You worked in this miserable office. You drink coffee, and you smoke, and your diet is high and fat, it's low and fiber, it's not nearly dense enough in nutrients. And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if your body wasn't ravaged by intestinal parasites.
Marvin Pick: You - you know what? You're right. I drink coffee, I smoke, I only eat things that are bad for me, and with all that, I'm still healthy enough to bring you to your knees. Me and my parasites.
[Marvin eating the danish]
Celeste Bauman: You want to know what healthy is? I'll tell you what healthy is. How do you think I am?
Marvin Pick: I have no idea.
Celeste Bauman: I'm 75 years old.
Gwen Taylor: You're 75?
Celeste Bauman: The reason that I don't look my age, is because I have a healthy life affirming attitude toward everybody in everything. It comes from being a peace with myself, and from being a peace with the whole world. I'm 75, and I'll live to dance on this little pissant's grave. Stuart, Gwen, you know where to reach me? And I know that I shall be hearing from you very soon.
[Celeste Bauman is going to leave now. Stuart sees Celeste leaving and turned back to Marvin]

"L.A. Law: That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp (#7.17)" (1993)
Benny Stulwicz: Uh, uh, are we still done a thing?
Dominic Nuzzi: What thing?
Dominic Nuzzi: You know the place you said where we're going.
Dominic Nuzzi: Yeah, well, I said we're going. We're going.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Going where?
Benny Stulwicz: It's a secret.
Dominic Nuzzi: Oh, this guy. Everything's a big game. It's no big deal, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Well, it is to me.
Dominic Nuzzi: [Dominic mimics Benny] Don't get all emotional on me, all right?
Benny Stulwicz: I'm sorry.
Dominic Nuzzi: Okay. Now there's a 2 year old running today that looks very good to me. Okay? They're all the Anna's the trainer. McCarron's up. I intend to show the source of support by going out to the track and betting next month's rent. Who's coming along?
Benny Stulwicz: [Benny changed his mind] We have work to do, Dominic.
Dominic Nuzzi: Why? Are you sure's nothing going to wait?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: [Douglas declines] Thanks anyway. I don't think so.
Dominic Nuzzi: How about you, dear, you're interested in dating a Jackie?
Gwen Taylor: Excuse me?
Dominic Nuzzi: All right. Never mind. Listen, Benny, don't spend it all on comic books, huh? I'll see you for supper? Same time? Same station? Nice meeting youse. Yeah.
[Benny's friend Dominic is leaving out to the exit of the filing room. Gwen just turned when Dominic leaving the filing room, and she turned back again to see that Dominic went in the right way]

Ann Kelsey: What's the lawsuit about?
Melina Paros: Discriminatory lending practices.
Daniel Morales: Hey, we're representing the bank?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Yes, we're representing the bank, and my hope is that we're representing the bank well enough that we get to represent other banks!
Leland McKenzie: All right, Douglas, calm down.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: All I know is you better get some help.
Melina Paros: I will, Douglas. I will.
Gwen Taylor: I'm available.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Melina, this a complicated cases. Get some help.
[Gwen will be ready. So does Melina]

"L.A. Law: Wine Knot (#7.4)" (1992)
[Ann Kelsey, Alec Weston, and Gwen Taylor heads to Ms. Kelsey's office privately]
Alec Weston: So what are you saying, if we go to court Elaine could win?
Gwen Taylor: Or the way the partnership ex-structured, your wife wants 50%.
Ann Kelsey: This was a risk going in, we want to avoid having a judge rule accompanied be sold.
Alec Weston: I'm not liquidating a business I spend over half my life building. Elaine wants Weston Realty. I want the kids.
Ann Kelsey: You told me you didn't want custody.
Alec Weston: Elaine will do anything to keep her children.
Ann Kelsey: They are your children, too, not bargaining chips.
Alec Weston: I will not pay to be lectured. I hired McKenzie, Brackman to protect my interest.
Ann Kelsey: Do you have any grounds for custodial dispute?
Alec Weston: Elaine had an affair last year?
Ann Kelsey: Extramarital affairs or not.
Alec Weston: It's our next door neighbor's son. He was 19 years old at the time. I have the loved letters he send to Elaine.
[Knocking on the door. Gwen opened the door is Roxanne reporting]
Roxanne Melman: Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt, Ann, it's Stuart and Benny. They're missing.
[Ann is worried]
Ann Kelsey: Uh... If you're excuse me.
[Ann has to go and find Benny and Stuart]

Alec Weston: Her son?
Gwen Taylor: Uh, husband, Mr. Weston, perhaps we should finish this later.
Alec Weston: No. Nah, it's not the time to led up.
Gwen Taylor: Ann Kelsey is an excellent attorney, if she doesn't recommend suing for custody.
Alec Weston: I wanna know what you think.
Gwen Taylor: I really don't think my place.
Alec Weston: It's not up to you or Ms. Kelsey to determine my wife's fitness, now has it? Ms. Taylor, I believe that you're going to make an excellent attorney, but at the moment, I need someone who's going to work with me.
Gwen Taylor: So, you're suggesting that we blackmail your wife to dropping your claim on Weston Realty.
Alec Weston: I am suggesting that we remind my wife, that there is a possibility that she could lose her children.
Gwen Taylor: The problem is a love letter doesn't prove anything.
Alec Weston: Well, I know Elaine, and Elaine won't take that chance.
Alec Weston: Do you believe your wife is an inadequate mother?
Alec Weston: No.
Gwen Taylor: Of course, that doesn't mean we can't make a judge feel differently.
[Alec nodded]

"L.A. Law: Something Old, Something Nude (#6.1)" (1991)
D.D.A. Linda Roth: Have you read, seen or heard any of the publicity surrounding this case?
Gwen Taylor: I saw one news report on TV.
D.D.A. Linda Roth: Did it cause you to form an opinion about the guilt or innocence of Mr. Diamond?
Gwen Taylor: No.
D.D.A. Linda Roth: Juror is acceptable to the people, Your Honor.
[Roth sits and Kittredge gets up]
Frank Kittredge: How do you feel about sex, Ms. Taylor?
D.D.A. Linda Roth: Objection. What on earth does this have to do with anything?
Frank Kittredge: Your Honor, some people consider my client a pornographer...
Judge Walter L. Swanson: He is one. He admits it.
Frank Kittredge: But he's not on trial for it. Weapons and assault charges have nothing to do with pornography. I want to know if Mr. Diamond's occupation damns him in the eyes of this juror.
Judge Walter L. Swanson: [after a beat] All right, I'll allow it. But watch yourself, Mr. Kittredge.
Frank Kittredge: [to Gwen] I repeat, Ms. Taylor, how do you feel about sex?
Gwen Taylor: Safe sex, between consenting adults - I'm for it.

Frank Kittredge: What about explicit sex in movies?
Gwen Taylor: I don't go to see it. But I don't think it should be censored.
Frank Kittredge: Should they censor magazines like Mr. Diamond publishes? Ones that show, for example, oral sex?
Gwen Taylor: I've never read one of Mr. Diamond's magazines.
[Kittredge takes one from the podium and hands it to her]
Frank Kittredge: Here. Does that disgust you?
D.D.A. Linda Roth: Objection.
Judge Walter L. Swanson: [Furious] You're out of line, sir! Put that away!
Frank Kittredge: I was simply trying to get this juror's reaction.
Judge Walter L. Swanson: I know exactly what you're doing and it won't work in my courtroom. Go on to something else. And apologize to the young lady.
Frank Kittredge: Your Honor, your feelings about pornography are well known. They're obviously coloring what you see here.
Judge Walter L. Swanson: If you're accusing me of bias, Mr. Kittredge - be careful. Be very careful. I can bury you in sanctions!
[after a beat, Kittredge turns to Gwen]
Frank Kittredge: I didn't mean to offend you, ma'am.
Gwen Taylor: You didn't. I wouldn't buy one of Mr. Diamond's magazines - but I believe in the First Amendment. He has every right to publish them.
[Kittredge studies her for a beat, then turns to Judge Swanson]
Frank Kittredge: Defense accepts this juror.

"L.A. Law: Parent Trap (#7.12)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Anybody know the whereabouts of our Mr. Morales?
Gwen Taylor: He had a pro bono arraignment this morning.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Then let's begin. First, People vs. Emory Lewis and Gary Stubbs. I should hope those animals who beat you will finally get convicted.
Stuart Markowitz: Unfortunately, the eyewitness backed out, she's afraid of reprisals from neighborhood kids if she testify.
Ann Kelsey: That shouldn't affect our case. Stuart was really convincing at the prelim health do even better at trial tomorrow.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Next. Marciante vs. Bernheim Memorial Hospital.
Jonathan Rollins: That's mine. Anthony Marciante's girlfriend is brain dead after the automobile accident. She's also 18 weeks pregnant.
Gwen Taylor: And being used as an incubator to bring the baby to a term, I caught those stories in the news, that's grotesque.
Jonathan Rollins: We're seeking a court order to keep her body functioning long enough to deliver the baby. However, the girlfriend's mother wants to pull the plug and bury your daughter.
Arnie Becker: Well, I agree, the woman's dead, for God's sake.
Jonathan Rollins: Arnie, we're talking about a potential human life. Mr. Marciante wants to be a father.
Gwen Taylor: You should have thought about that before driving himself and his girlfriend off the road drunk.
Ann Kelsey: He killed her and now he wants to...
Jonathan Rollins: It was an accident.
Stuart Markowitz: He's still has rights.
Arnie Becker: So's the girl's mother.
Melina Paros: What about the baby?
Leland McKenzie: All right, folks, we're all in the same team.
[But Daniel Morales has arrived late in the meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Mr. Morales? Honor that you can join us? How's the arraignment?
Daniel Morales: Um, People vs. Alejandro Cruz, he's charged with the shooting a news vender who refuse to pay protection money.
Leland McKenzie: Any extenuating circumstances, Daniel?
Daniel Morales: No, Leland, not really, I'm trying to have Cruz tried in the Juvenile, but right now that's looking doubtful.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, if there's no other business. We're adjourned.
[Douglas closed his gold hunter case from the pocket watch that the time is up]

"L.A. Law: Bare Witness (#7.11)" (1993)
Daniel Morales: That is Alison.
[Gwen is looking at the picture of Alison Morales, the real late wife of Daniel]
Daniel Morales: Those are not too long after we were married.
Gwen Taylor: I can't tell if this is the one who went into the house.
Daniel Morales: Gwen, please, believe me. It's not the woman.
[Gwen looked, that it isn't the woman in the photo. Her face is different. Different person. And her hair is different. Gwen understands that]
Gwen Taylor: Daniel, there is, um, something. Last week, I had a blood test for Huntington's career. It's hereditary, hidden in midlife, causing lack of coordination, then mental deterioration and finally death. But there's a 50/50 chance, I don't have it. But I thought, I should tell you.
Daniel Morales: What?
[Gwen gives a kiss to Daniel]
Gwen Taylor: Let's talk about it later.
Daniel Morales: Okay.
Gwen Taylor: Your wife.
[Gwen look in the photo. That's Daniel's wife Alison. She is beautiful in the picture]
Gwen Taylor: She was pretty.

"L.A. Law: Second Time Around (#7.2)" (1992)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Next up. People vs. Brackman.
Tommy Mullaney: Well, we're no looting charges drop.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Yes, but a pesky disturbing the peace charges remains. One officer used in illegal choke hold, while escorting me to the paddy wagon. I express my outrage verbally, the elbow wasn't accident.
Leland McKenzie: Douglas, maybe you should pay the fine and be done with it.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: The City Attorney is stopping by this afternoon in since I have an eyewitness, he'll be forced to drop the charges.
Gwen Taylor: Would you mind if I observed? I'd like to see the process.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Bring a notebook. It should provide educational. Moving on. Osgood vs. the state of California.
Daniel Morales: That's my pro bono case. Leland, I still need to speak with you about this one.
Leland McKenzie: In my office right after this meeting.
Daniel Morales: I'll be there.
Leland McKenzie: And since we're on the subject to pro bono work, I'd like to congratulate you all on your commitment to rebuilding Los Angeles.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: While we're busy patting ourselves on the back, let me reiterate yesterday's message, McKenzie, Brackman numbers are at their lowest level in 6 years, we're losing out to a competition. Doesn't take 20/20 vision to know we may not land on our feet. If things don't turn around...
Tommy Mullaney: This is probably allows you time to be interviewing at the DA's office.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: You bet it is.
Ann Kelsey: Just to be close to Zoey?
Tommy Mullaney: Oh, come on, Ann, it's bigger than that. And it's no secret, I've given a lot of thought.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: This makes our loss in our attacks and domestic litigation area seeming inconsequential.
Ann Kelsey: If that is a not so thinly veiled comment about my husband's job, you will be glad to know, that he's coming home today.
Tommy Mullaney: Goodness.
Gwen Taylor: Congratulations.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Stuart like myself was a victim of events beyond his control. Mr. Arnold Becker's disappearance on the the other hand? I mean who's kidding whom 5 months and nothing but a series of cryptic postcards around the world?
Leland McKenzie: It is puzzling.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Puzzling Adare responsible. The man is a partner in this firm. He owes it to us to the present and holding his own. Here's my witness.

"L.A. Law: Outward Bound (#4.21)" (1990)
Michael Kuzak: Yeah, well the defendant has freedom of the press on his side, what was published was true. So it's not liable. It's probably not invasion privacy either since my guy was a public figure.
Ann Kelsey: Which is why he was out in the first place.
Michael Kuzak: Right.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, a couple of queens get mad each other. Look out.
Michael Kuzak: These are not queens, Douglas, one is a cop, the other is a journalist. And they are both gays. But they're not queens.
[But guess who's here]
Gwen Taylor: Mr. Becker?
Arnie Becker: Yep.
Gwen Taylor: I'm sorry to interrupt, but lease decker's on the phone wants to know if she can come in at 3:00.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, sure.
Gwen Taylor: Okay.
Victor Sifuentes: Who is?
Arnie Becker: Oh, Roxanne's working half days this week, she needs some more time to tint to her father, so, uh, Gwen is filling in for...
Victor Sifuentes: Gwen.
Leland McKenzie: Is there anything else we can cover?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Actually, that's it.
Michael Kuzak: Uh, just a second. It's no secret that I have been interviewing with the Wall Street Firm. I've decided to go back to New York. My father has cancer, and the doctors give him a year so to live. I'd like to give him a year also myself. I'm sorry.
[Michael will be going]

"L.A. Law: Zo Long (#7.3)" (1992)
[Back at the LA Law firm building. Roxanne will substituted today for Douglas because he not in the meeting today because he's in jail]
Roxanne Melman: Should we get started? First stop, People vs. Douglas Brackman.
Arnie Becker: He broke the law and the law won.
Daniel Morales: With 90 days in jail?
Leland McKenzie: Arnold, I know this isn't your primary area of expertise, but Douglas insisted on our representation.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, of course. He doesn't wanna pay.
Leland McKenzie: Why... Just do your best to get him release.
Roxanne Melman: Yes, please, billable hours accounts receivable something for Douglas and I'm drowning in red ink. All right, next, uh, Weston vs. Weston.
Gwen Taylor: Yeah, Ann's still working at home, I've been assisting some writing depositions, and we go to trial next week unless some settlement can be reached.
Leland McKenzie: You have any questions or Ann's unavailable, you come to me. This firm needs Alec Weston's business.
Roxanne Melman: Uh, anything else, Leland?
Leland McKenzie: Uh, yes, don't forget Election Day is just around the corner. If the latest polls are any indication, Jonathan Rollins could use whatever support we could muster.
Roxanne Melman: That's all.
Arnie Becker: In and out. That's what the staff meetings all about.
Gwen Taylor: Things are getting pretty thin here.
Daniel Morales: Pretty soon, we could get together in the elevator.
Arnie Becker: For the employment line.
Leland McKenzie: All right, now listen up. Douglas and I have made no secret of the fact that our situation here at McKenzie, Brackman is precarious at best. However you should be equally clear of the fact that I poured my life blood into this firm and I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up now. I expect the same commitment from all of you.
[Leland leaves towards the meeting window door exit, but turned back and look at Arnie Becker]
Leland McKenzie: Becker, get a haircut! You look ridiculous.
[Gwen looked at Arnie with a long hair, beard, and mustache. Gwen laughed at Arnie]

"L.A. Law: Happy Trails (#5.2)" (1990)
Stuart Markowitz: Arnie, Douglas?
[Stuart brings Gwen Taylor]
Stuart Markowitz: You know this young lady, don't you?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh, yes, hello.
Gwen Taylor: Hello. Hi, Arnie.
Arnie Becker: Gwen, what brings you?
Stuart Markowitz: I just hired her.
Arnie Becker: Oh, great. Great.
Gwen Taylor: So, how's marry life treating you?
Arnie Becker: Good. Uh, very good.
Gwen Taylor: Good. Good.

"L.A. Law: F.O.B. (#7.15)" (1993)
Arnie Becker: They're lot of ways I can go with this porn. I can become an Independent Producer, I can become an agent.
Gwen Taylor: I thought you're having been a Studio Executive, Arnie.
Arnie Becker: Gwen, in show-business, a sense of complacency is a very dangerous thing.
Ann Kelsey: I'm thinking of opening a restaurant.
Jonathan Rollins: A restaurant?
Ann Kelsey: Yeah. These guys has started the California Pizza Kitchen, we're both lawyers.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What kind of restaurant?
Ann Kelsey: I don't know yet.
Stuart Markowitz: What about Fast Food Jewish?
Daniel Morales: Fast Food Jewish?
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah, absolutely. I'd think it'll be great to be able to walk up to a counter and get a little paper cone filled with Kasha varnishkes.
[Melina laughs]
Jonathan Rollins: Well, I know that something I've always want to do.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, shall we get started? Falcone vs. Falcone.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, another divorce. I'm meeting with the woman for the first time today. I'll try to dispose of it as painlessly as possible. I'm really not up for a fight.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: People vs. Quinn.
Daniel Morales: That's my murder case. The jury's picked, we go to trial later today.
Ann Kelsey: Are you still holding with the plea of temporary insanity?
Daniel Morales: I don't believe in it, but it's all I got.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Samuels vs. San Fernando Psychiatric.
Ann Kelsey: Uh, all I know is the - this is a negligence action and Samuels knows some people in the Clinton Administration.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Whether we knew some people in the Clinton Administration. Mickey Kantor and Warren Christopher, both came out of L.A. Law firms, they tap in all kinds of people from here to do all kinds of things. What do we get? Nothing.