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Malkon (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Planet of Fire: Part Two (#21.14)" (1984)
Malkon: The unbelievers do no harm.
Timanov: Sarn was a thriving and prosperous planet until the existence of Logar was questioned. NOW look at us! A primitive settlement on the verge of extinction. "No harm?" Those heretics must be executed.

[Turlough shows Malkon he bears the same brand that distinguishes him as "a chosen one."]
Malkon: Where did you get that?
Turlough: Probably the same place as you. Trion. It's a unique custom they have.

"Doctor Who: Planet of Fire: Part One (#21.13)" (1984)
Malkon: The unbelievers are harmless.
Timanov: Yes, but it's still a wise precaution to send the occasional free-thinker to the flames. Encourages faith in our traditions.