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D.E.C.A. (Character)
from "Power Rangers in Space" (1998)

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"Power Rangers in Space: Shell Shocked (#1.4)" (1998)
D.E.C.A.: I've been certified turtlefied!

Astronema: What's that?
Michelangelo: Wait a minute. You're asking a turtle who lives in a sewer to explain a cosmic event?
D.E.C.A.: Reverse polarized magnetic field closing rapidly, dude.
Astronema: Reverse polarized? Veer away.

Donatello: Hey, Deca, sorry about the reprograming thing. No hard feelings, right?
D.E.C.A.: I am not programmed to hold a grudge, Donatello...
[zaps Donatello]
D.E.C.A.: For long, at least. I mean, sorry. No hard feelings?

"Power Rangers in Space: From Out of Nowhere: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1998)
Alpha 6: Listen to me, Andros. You're making a big mistake. Oh, can't you see? The five of you have the same mission. You're supposed to be a team.
D.E.C.A.: I believe that Alpha has a valid point, Andros.
Andros: Quiet. Look, I work alone. I don't need them.
Alpha 6: If you're going to rescue Zordon, you'll need to take all the help that you can get. Think about it.

D.E.C.A.: Connect termal B-34 to terminal N-78.
Carlos Valerte: Easy for you to say. Do you know how many little terminals there are in here?
D.E.C.A.: 3,004,700,903.
[Carlos hits a circuit in Alpha that makes him sneeze]
D.E.C.A.: Gesundheit.
Carlos Valerte: I'm sorry, Alpha. It's pretty complex in here.

"Power Rangers in Space: Astronema Thinks Twice (#1.27)" (1998)
T.J. Johnson: So, what happened?
Andros: Well...
Cassie Chan: [sees Astronema] You brought her on the ship.
T.J. Johnson: What's going on, Andros?
Andros: She's my sister. And she knows where Zordon is.
T.J. Johnson: Of course she does. She helped kidnap him.
Astronema: Actually, I didn't. But I'll help you rescue him.
Cassie Chan: Just give us the coordinates. We don't need any help from you.
Astronema: As a matter of fact, you do. There's a force field around the planet. I can get Dark Specter to lower it, so we can get in.
Carlos Valerte: We? Yesterday, she tried to destroy us.
Ashley Hammond: Andros, listen. If this is a trap, we're walking into it.
T.J. Johnson: If we take her, it's under one condition. We restrain her.
Andros: No. I can't do that.
T.J. Johnson: Andros, it's too risky.
Astronema: It's okay.
T.J. Johnson: So... where's Zordon?
Astronema: Kirak Galaxy - on the jungle planet Yotoba.
T.J. Johnson: D.E.C.A., set in a course. Maximum hyper-rush velocity.
D.E.C.A.: Course plotted. Mega accelerators at maximum.
T.J. Johnson: [to Andros] Let's hope she's telling the truth.

"Power Rangers in Space: Dark Specter's Revenge: Part 1 (#1.29)" (1998)
Karone: It may take a while for me to get used to all of this. I mean, it's a completely different life, you know.
Andros: I'm sorry. I'm just glad that you're here.
Karone: Me, too. But what about the others? Will they forgive me for all the terrible things I've done?
D.E.C.A.: Karone, please report to the bridge. The other Rangers would like to see you.
Karone: Oh, great. They probably voted to throw me into the nearest black hole.
Andros: There is one nearby. I'm just kidding.