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Psycho Black (Character)
from "Power Rangers in Space" (1998)

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"Power Rangers in Space: Ghosts in the Machine (#1.39)" (1998)
Psycho Black: This is infuriating. They're right within our grasp.
Psycho Red: And because we're ghosts, there's not a thing we can do about it.

Psycho Yellow: We meet again, Rangers.
Black Space Ranger: But we destroyed you.
Psycho Black: Just a temporary setback.
Psycho Red: But now, thanks to Astronema's ingenious contraption, we'll have the pleasure of destroying you once and for all.
Red Space Ranger: Give it your best shot.
Ecliptor: No one but Astronema will destroy the Rangers.
Psycho Red: You've interfered for the last time.
[the Psycho Rangers fight Ecliptor]
Red Space Ranger: Let's let them fight amongst themselves.

"Power Rangers in Space: The Enemy Within (#1.36)" (1998)
Psycho Red: Finally... I will have my chance to destroy the Red Ranger.
Psycho Yellow: But Astronema ordered us not the act without her command.
Psycho Black: Your obsession with the Red Ranger could get us all vaporized.
Psycho Red: I'm tired of being Astronema's puppet.
Psycho Black: It's not our choice.
Psycho Red: I've had it. I will destroy the Red Ranger if it's the last thing I do!
Psycho Black: You're out of control!
Psycho Yellow: Listen to yourself!
Psycho Red: Silence! Astronema has foiled my plans one too many times. If I wait for her, I might never get this opportunity again. Now is my turn to call the shots.

Psycho Black: Wait, what are you doing? Psycho Yellow's about the take the Rangers down.
Psycho Red: Get out of my way. No one is going to destroy Red Ranger but me, Not Astronema, not you, not Psycho Yellow. It's *my* destiny. Now step aside and let me through.
Psycho Black: But Astronema said she'll vaporize...
Psycho Red: Take this, Red Ranger!
[Psycho Red zaps at the Astro Megazord]
Psycho Red: And as for you Psycho Yellow...
[Psycho Red strikes the Mega Voyager]
Psycho Red: I'll do this one my own.
Psycho Yellow: Psycho Red, don't. You'll ruin everything.
Psycho Red: I'll *destroy* everything.
[Psycho Red strikes the Mega Voyager again, throwing Psycho Yellow out of the Megazord]

"Power Rangers in Space: Rangers Gone Psycho (#1.31)" (1998)
Psycho Red: We're the Psycho Rangers.
Psycho Black: We're faster than you.
Psycho Blue: Smarter than you.
Psycho Yellow: Stronger than you.
Psycho Pink: But we're evil.

"Power Rangers in Space: Five of a Kind (#1.34)" (1998)
Psycho Blue: I'll handle Psycho Silver. You two get out of here!
Psycho Black: You'll regret this.
Psycho Red: If that's your wish, good riddance!
Psycho Blue: And as for you...
Zhane: Ah-ah-ah! It's not nice to point.
Psycho Blue: Oh, I'll show you "nice."

"Power Rangers in Space: Carlos on Call (#1.32)" (1998)
Astronema: Excellent. The information Datascammer has collected will be useful.
Psycho Red: Let *me* handle it, Astronema. I can take them on without Datascammer's database.
Psycho Black: No, Astronema, let *me* do it.
Psycho Red: No! I'm the strongest Psycho Ranger.
Astronema: You underestimate their strength.
Psycho Yellow: No. *You* underestimate our strength.