Psycho Pink
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Psycho Pink (Character)
from "Power Rangers in Space" (1998)

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"Power Rangers in Space: Rangers Gone Psycho (#1.31)" (1998)
Psycho Red: We're the Psycho Rangers.
Psycho Black: We're faster than you.
Psycho Blue: Smarter than you.
Psycho Yellow: Stronger than you.
Psycho Pink: But we're evil.

"Power Rangers in Space: Carlos on Call (#1.32)" (1998)
Astronema: You're suppose to be fighting the Rangers, not each other.
Psycho Red: That's what I was doing, but he couldn't stand to see someone else...
Astronema: Quiet! From now on, we take on one Ranger at a time, and the first one will be pink.
Psycho Pink: Good. I'm ready, Astronema.
Astronema: You think so? We'll see, won't we?
Psycho Red: We'll show her who's ready to fight.

"Power Rangers in Space: A Rift in the Rangers (#1.33)" (1998)
Psycho Pink: Certainly you don't think I'd double-cross you.
Psycho Yellow: You'd double-cross your own mother... that is, if you had one.
Psycho Pink: Hey, no need to get personal just 'cause I had the brains to pull this off.