Mark 'Skid' McCormick
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Mark 'Skid' McCormick (Character)
from "Hardcastle and McCormick" (1983)

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"Hardcastle and McCormick: The Crystal Duck (#1.4)" (1983)
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: I want to get a couple of dogs. Big dobermans. To patrol the grounds, keep anyone from coming over the gate.
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: You don't need dogs for that. You have me.
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: You're not housebroke.

"Hardcastle and McCormick: Hotshoes (#1.11)" (1983)
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Come on, do you want to get it fixed or don't you?
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: Now listen, you told me you would give me ten bucks to fix this thing. Well if you're going to watch it's fifteen and if you help, it's twenty.

"Hardcastle and McCormick: The Black Widow (#1.6)" (1983)
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: What are you lookin' at?
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: You know Hardcase, when you're not sawing my head off, you're not such a bad guy.
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Remember that when you're taking your cold shower tomorrow.

"Hardcastle and McCormick: Rolling Thunder: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1983)
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: [Reading with derision one of Hardcastle's Lone Ranger comic books] You actually read this junk, don't you?
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Sure! Count on the Lone Ranger riding the plains dispensing justice. You didn't see Billy the Kid getting off on a technicality. Hunt 'em, hear 'em, and hang 'em! That's the way!
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: [Incredulously] I'm in a nightmare here!
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Listen, they had respect for the law back then, y'know. Wise guys rule the world today, but we're gonna step in and sling some lead, kid.
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: [Sarcastically] Yeah. Get 'em up, Scout!

"Hardcastle and McCormick: Rolling Thunder: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1983)
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: If you can't find 'em, grind 'em.

"Hardcastle and McCormick: Killer B's (#1.9)" (1983)
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Listen, Sands just called and left a message for you. He wants to meet you over at the track they're using for the movie.
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: Now?
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Yeah, he's either going to step on your head for talking to his girl, or he's going to offer you a job.
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: That's what I like about you Hardcastle, you put everything in the right perspective.
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: I know.

"Hardcastle and McCormick: Flying Down to Rio (#1.12)" (1983)
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: Looks empty.
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: Think there are any dogs in here?
Judge Milton C. Hardcastle: I don't know, why? I thought you liked dogs.
Mark 'Skid' McCormick: I do, but not on my leg.