Matthew Braden
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Matthew Braden (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Harm (#9.5)" (2007)
Matthew Braden: [to Novak] It is amazing how well you handle those steps.
Casey Novak: Excuse me?
Matthew Braden: Yeah, on that high horse you're riding.

Matthew Braden: [to Novak] Tell me what would you do if you had five minutes to stop a suicide bomber from killing 20 marines or 10 innocent civilians. Or one little girl?
[shows her a photo of a young girl]
Casey Novak: Who's this?
Matthew Braden: Elizabeth Ross. Elizabeth was buried alive in a construction pit in Brooklyn back when I was a cop. We had a suspect. I knew in my gut the guy did it, but we went at him 48 hours, couldn't break him. I told my partner to leave. I broke the bastard's arm in three places. He confessed. When we found Elizabeth, she was dehydrated, she barely had a pulse, but she was alive.
Casey Novak: That how you got bounced off the force?
Matthew Braden: His confession was thrown out. The guy walked, but Elizabeth's going to law school now, wants to be a prosecutor. You're gonna tell me the ends don't justify the means?

Detective Elliot Stabler: Sutton's no hero.
Matthew Braden: What, Detective? You don't approve? Your whole job is predicated on coercion. You're gonna tell me you never laid a hand on a prisoner?
Detective Elliot Stabler: I have. Nine times out of ten, it's counterproductive. I'm certainly not proud of it.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Screwed (#8.22)" (2007)
Matthew Braden: Ah, you know, this is what I miss the most. Camaraderie, brothers in blue. Even when you clip on the gold shield to your off-the-rack polyester blends. Family. That's what this trial's all about.
Detective Olivia Benson: This trial is about your lowlife client who murdered a mother and her 14-month-old baby.
Matthew Braden: My client never had a chance, no one to call, no family to believe in him or to give him support or money when he was in trouble. How do you think that makes him feel, Detective?
Detective Olivia Benson: Not half as bad as the victim when he stabbed her death or her son, who he buried alive. Too bad they're not here to tell you about it.

Matthew Braden: [to Elliot] Was your daughter Kathleen arrested on a DUl charge in May 2005?
Elliot Stabler: Yes.
Matthew Braden: Did you ask the arresting officers to lose your daughter's blood samples and paperwork?
Elliot Stabler: No.
Matthew Braden: In fact, didn't they deliver her to you and then bury the evidence? Didn't you, a police officer sworn to uphold the law, circumvent it for personal gain?
Casey Novak: Objection. Badgering.
Elliot Stabler: You can phrase it any way you want. The answer's still no.
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly: [bangs her gavel] Given this line of questioning and my personal knowledge concerning this matter, I must recuse myself.

Judge Elizabeth Donnelly: Detective Stabler was getting dangerously close to perjury. I had no choice but to recuse myself.
Matthew Braden: You knew about the DUl?
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly: I did.
Elliot Stabler: Your Honor, I did not lie. I didn't ask the cops to do anything for me.
Darius Parker: You didn't have to. Cops take care of each other.
Elliot Stabler: No one's talking to you, ki...
Darius Parker: Here is proof the NYPD is corrupt. It should go on the record.
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly: I'm in no mood to oblige you, Mr. Parker, but as a bonus, I'm gonna resurrect Kathleen Stabler's paperwork and charge her with a DUl.
[to Elliot]
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly: Get your daughter a good lawyer, Detective and hope like hell for a suspended license, a fine, and probation.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Snitch (#9.10)" (2007)
Elliot Stabler: [to Braden] How do you sleep at night?
Matthew Braden: Sorry?
Elliot Stabler: You can't win with the truth, so you let your client intimidate good people who stand up to him?
Matthew Braden: If anyone's intimidating witnesses, it's the police and your D.A. You coerce, you plea bargain, you threaten them with criminal charges unless they testify.
Olivia Benson: You know that's not true.