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Quotes for
Vince (Character)
from "What I Like About You" (2002)

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"What I Like About You: The Gift of the Mutton (#3.8)" (2004)
[Said repeatdly]
Vince: Why what'd you hear? God!

[Repeated line]
Vince: What'd you hear? God!

"What I Like About You: Girls Gone Wild (#3.18)" (2005)
Vince: I can't believe you're taking them to Mexico the entire weekend. You knew I was taking them to the Knicks game on Sunday. Sunday's my day!
Holly: Yeah, well yesterday was my day and you took them to see my Colin Farrell movie. Oh, and thanks, by the way, for getting them all hopped up on sugar and then dropping them off at my front door. Gary was up all night!
Vince: Hey, I tried to be friends, you're the one turning this into a tug-a-war.
Vince: [Vince rubs Ben's head]
Holly: Youuuuuuuu, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!
Gary: Oh, no they're fighting again!
Holly: Oh great, great, great now you got them all upset.
Holly: [Holly walks over to Gary]
Holly: Don't worry sweetie, I'm gonna take you to a place where it's sunny and there are plenty of girls in small bikini's!
Gary: Okay, I feel better!
Holly: [Holly pinches Gary's cheeks]
Holly: Yes, you do!
Holly: Ok, now let's go downstairs. Tina's in the cab waiting. Let's hustle! I'll meet you down there.
Vince: [Vince waves]
Holly: When, uh, I get back we're gonna have to discuss who's getting them for Easter!

"What I Like About You: Halloween (#4.6)" (2005)
Vince: Holly, you are the coolest girl.
Holly Tyler: Right back at you.

"What I Like About You: Jazz Night (#4.8)" (2005)
[Holly threatens to stop shaving her legs after Vince refuses to shave his beard.]
Vince: You going to keep your hairy legs?
Holly: Yeah, why not! I mean the world loves the fur!