Arthur Webley
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Arthur Webley (Character)
from Hot Fuzz (2007)

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Hot Fuzz (2007)
[Angel and Butterman are driving to interview Arthur Webley, with PC Walker and his dog riding in the back]
Nicholas Angel: What do we need the dog for?
Danny Butterman: [chuckles] It's not the dog we need.
[cut to the interview with Webley]
Arthur Webley: [mumbles unintelligibly]
Nicholas Angel: Right...
[turns to Butterman and Walker]
Nicholas Angel: What did he say?
PC Bob Walker: He said...
[mumbles only slightly more intelligibly]
Nicholas Angel: [turns to Butterman] What did he say?
Danny Butterman: He said, "an hedge is an hedge, he only chopped it down because it spoilt his view, and what's Reaper moaning about?"

[seeing Webley's barn full of guns]
Nicholas Angel: Where on earth did you get these?
Arthur Webley: Found 'em.
Danny Butterman: He found them.
Nicholas Angel: And what is this?
Danny Butterman: Sea mine.
Arthur Webley: Sea mine.
Nicholas Angel: Well, Mr. Webley this is an extremely dangerous collection, it's a wonder nobody's been hurt before.
Arthur Webley: Nah, just a lot of junk.
[He hits the mine with the butt of his shotgun. With a creak, it slowly tips onto its side and starts ticking softly. The three men exchange a look]
Nicholas Angel: MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!