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Servilia of the Junii (Character)
from "Rome" (2005)

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"Rome: Passover (#2.1)" (2007)
Marcus Junius Brutus: You spoke of helping us.
Mark Antony: I did. All those that love Casear but "hate tyranny"... I may be able to bring to your side.
Servilia of the Junii: Why would you do that?
Mark Antony: Neither of us can win outright, not without much blood spilled to prove the issue. I want no more blood. I want peace and stability.
Marcus Junius Brutus: How?
Mark Antony: First, a general amnesty. Caesar is not declared tyrant, nor you declared killers. All Caesar's acts and his will shall stand. We shall all keep our posts. It will be as if he were struck by lightning. A natural death.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Go on.
Mark Antony: Then a show of unity. A public funeral for Caesar, led by you and I together. We shall mourn the man, and burn the tyrant.
Cassius: And then?
Mark Antony: I shall serve out the rest of my term as consul, and then retire quietly to the provinces, where I will plow my fields and fuck my slaves. Just like old Cincinnatus. And the Republic shall roll on without me.
[Cassius looks at him skeptically; Antony laughs]
Mark Antony: I swear, on the Black Stone, I am done with politics. You people play too rough for a simple soldier like me.
[to Brutus]
Mark Antony: Knives in the Senate house? Didn't think you had it in you.
Servilia of the Junii: And if we do not wish to be reconciled with you?
Mark Antony: Well, if we cannot be friends, then we shall be enemies. And I will do my very best to annihilate you.

[Brutus learns that Cassius went behind his back to try to have Antony murdered]
Marcus Junius Brutus: You tried to kill him, despite everything I said?
Cassius: Forgive me. Your scruples do you credit but, without your knowledge, his death could not have dishonored you.
Marcus Junius Brutus: To the contrary, I would be twice dishonored! A killer AND a fool!
Cassius: Is your honor worth more than the Republic?
Marcus Tullius Cicero: It is not too late. He's here, in your hands. I'm simply stating the facts. I do not urge you to any... particular course of action.
Marcus Junius Brutus: [distastefully] Nor will I take the course you "do not urge."
Cassius: Brother, it is the only rational thing to do.
Marcus Junius Brutus: He's broken no capital law, and he offers a truce which will preserve the public order. We have no right to take his life.
Cassius: Damn the law in his case! He's too dangerous to live!
Marcus Junius Brutus: You exaggerate him. He is a vulgar beast. Without Caesar, he will, he will destroy himself soon enough.
Cassius: He is...
Marcus Junius Brutus: He is a guest in my house!
Servilia of the Junii: He is not in the house. He is on the street.
Marcus Junius Brutus: [sadly] You too, Mother?

"Rome: Kalends of February (#1.12)" (2005)
Servilia of the Junii: So you see the tyrant is dead, the republic is restored and you are alone. Would you like some honey water?

Marcus Junius Brutus: If we are to reckon with Caesar on the senate floor then we will have to reckon with Lucius Vorenus also.
Quintus Pompey: Kill him too, what does it matter?
Marcus Junius Brutus: He's a popular man!
Quintus Pompey: So? I'll kill him.
Servilia of the Junii: It is most important that we keep the people on our side - killing one of their heroes would mess the whole business. Only the tyrant dies!
Quintus Pompey: Then let's kill him in his bed! He doesn't sleep with this man does he?

"Rome: The Stolen Eagle (#1.1)" (2005)
Servilia of the Junii: How is Caesar?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Who?
Servilia of the Junii: Don't be cruel. Is he well? Did he speak of me?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Did he? I can't recall. I think not. He did write you a letter though.
Servilia of the Junii: Oh you beast.

Marcus Junius Brutus: Of course, you have to imagine, long hair down to here, huge moustasches, the most terriffic stench, they eat only raw meat and never wash. Though they do have one admirable custom, they settle their political disputes by a single combat to the death.
Pompey Magnus: Excellent idea.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Isn't it? Mother is always nagging me to attend politics.
Servilia of the Junii: Well it's been our family's tradition and duty for, uhm, five hundred years?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh it's such dreadfully dull stuff. Now you see, if our senate conducted business in the German style I should certainly go and watch. Yeah, no tedious laws and endless debates, just swords, and daggers...

"Rome: The Ram Has Touched the Wall (#1.5)" (2005)
Servilia of the Junii: Gods of the Junii, with this offering I ask you to summon Tyche, Megaera and Nemesis, so that they witness this curse. By the spirits of my ancestors, I curse Gaius Julius Caesar. Let his penis wither. Let his bones crack. Let him see his legions drown in their own blood. Gods of the inferno, I offer to you his limbs, his head, his mouth, his breath, his speech, his hands, his liver, his heart, his stomach. Gods of the inferno, let me see him suffer deeply, and I will rejoice and sacrifice to you.
[Long pause]
Servilia of the Junii: By the spirits of my ancestors, I curse Atia of the Julii. Let dogs rape her. Let her children die and her houses burn. Let her live a long life of bitter misery and shame. Gods of the inferno, I offer to you her limbs, her head, her mouth, her breath, her speech, her heart, her liver, her stomach. Gods of the inferno, let me see her suffer deeply, and I will rejoice and sacrifice to you.

"Empire" (2005)
Servilia: We must look to the men who will re-build Rome.
Brutus: You mean Cassius and Antony?
Servilia: And you... why not you, my son?

"Rome: Triumph (#1.10)" (2005)
Servilia of the Junii: He has fire in him. It warms me.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Light more lamps if you are cold!