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Pharaoh Mernefta (Character)
from Moses (1995) (TV)

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"Testament: The Bible in Animation: Moses (#1.1)" (1996)
Ramses: I was too merciful Meneptah. I allowed this Hebrew to betray my trust. Beware of such weaknesses when you rule.
Meneptah II: A Pharaoh must be just.
Ramses: To Egyptians. For Hebrews the penalty for disobedience, is death. I will make the Nile red with their blood!

Meneptah II: A petition from the Hebrew Slaves?
Aaron: From the God of the Hebrews.
Meneptah II: Original, though less than tactful.
Aaron: Our God says 'Let my people go into the deser to make a sacrifice and a feast for me.'
Meneptah II: Can't he do it here just as easily as in the desert?

Meneptah II: [crushing a roach] So, this is the measure of your God's mercy?
Moses: It is the measure of a Pharoah's soul. Let my people go.
Meneptah II: I would shake them like dust from my sandals, but I have come too far.
Moses: Once step further takes you into the dark.
[the plague of darkenss falls upon Egypt]
Moses: The edge of silence.
Meneptah II: Why is the sun god powerless? The darkness depresses... chokes me.
Moses: Terror is as old as the world Pharoah. But until now it fed on a different people. Gather your own life around you. Meneptah... you have a son.
Meneptah II: No! You will not touch him!
Moses: Your son, and the first born of all your people. The Lord God chooses life. Chose with him now. Let my people go.
Meneptah II: No. Let them stay and suffer.