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Quotes for
Elizabeth 'Libby' Kennedy (Character)
from "Neighbours" (1985)

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"Neighbours: Episode #1.2779" (1997)
Libby: I never realised bricks were so heavy.
Phil: That's why my brain's my favourite muscle.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5424" (2008)
Daniel 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald: They told me I collapsed in your arms?
Libby Kennedy: Oh, I just thought you were trying to take my attention.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5391" (2008)
Steph: Love isn't an obligation.
Libby: Yeah, I know.I read that on a coffee mug once.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5432" (2008)
Lou: Here's a lady who'll help save our cultural heritage.
Libby: Isn't this place only a few years old?

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5506" (2008)
Libby: All right, Miss I've-Got-All-The-Answers, what did you do the last time someone stood you up?
Sienna: I took him back.
Libby: Exactly!
Sienna: And then I burned his guitar.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5443" (2008)
Libby: Triple vodka and orange.
Steph: Aren't you teaching?
Libby: I'm just saying what I'd like to drink not what I actually can drink.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5415" (2008)
Libby: He's trying to get in contact with his wife. He's still married!
Toadie: Yeah, I worked that out from the wife part.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5523" (2008)
Ben: Can we buy a keyboard?
Libby: Sure.
Ben: Really?
Libby: No.