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Quotes for
Caleb (Character)
from "W.I.T.C.H." (2004)

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"W.I.T.C.H.: Happy Birthday, Will (#1.4)" (2005)
Caleb: They have strange customs here. That guy's putting flies on little cakes.
Blunk: [licks lips] Sound good!

Caleb: Where are Will and Irma going?
Elyon: Pizza.
Caleb: Where's that?

Blunk: Maybe Blunk too pretty to scare boys...
Caleb: I'll risk it.

Cornelia Hale: [introducing Caleb to Uriah and his friends] Creeps, Caleb. Caleb, Creeps.
Caleb: Pleased to meet you. Uh... are you related?

Cornelia Hale: So, Caleb, you are gonna learn all about parties.
Caleb: We have parties in Meridian! To celebrate the end of Klunderfeast, we cook and eat an ox.
Cornelia Hale: We won't be doing that.

"W.I.T.C.H.: Escape from Cavigor (#1.21)" (2005)
Caleb: [Blunk has been drugged and is hallucinating] No, you aren't at the beach.
Blunk: [holding something in his hands] Green fish...
Caleb: That is your foot.

"W.I.T.C.H.: It Resumes (#1.2)" (2004)
Caleb: [after arriving in Heatherfield for the first time] What dangers are in this place?
Taranee Cook: Well, there's the cafeteria food...

"W.I.T.C.H.: D Is for Dangerous (#2.4)" (2006)
Caleb: Okay, Mister "show-me-the-ropes," why are Earth girls so... impossible?
Matt: Dude, books have been written...

"W.I.T.C.H.: Z Is for Zenith (#2.26)" (2006)
[as Elyon and the former Guardians try to escape the Heart of Meridian, Nerissa dreams of escaping without them]
Nerissa: Fools! Did they really think I'd given up?
[outside, Nerissa collects the Heart of Meridian and faces the transformed Guardians]
Nerissa: For an improvised plan, it went quite well. In those forms, you no longer have the will to resist me. You will become my thralls for the conquest to come!
[Nerissa imagines swiftly taking Candracar with the Guardians' power, ending with Caleb and Julian ensnared by lightning]
Caleb: You'll never get away with this!
Nerissa: [voiceover, as Nerissa imagines taking more worlds] Oh, but I will! Candracar toppled in a matter of minutes. Poor, battered Meridian took even less time. One by one, the worlds will fall. One by one, they *will* give me their hearts, until even Earth, with all its technology, will have no choice but to acknowledge Nerissa as its queen!
[Lillian and the Regents of Earth bow to Nerissa, who's seated on a throne with Caleb and Julian beside her]
Julian: I should never have doubted you, love.
Caleb: You did it. You brought order to the universe. With but a few battles, you ended war for all time. I'm proud of you... Mother.