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Nicholas Beckett (Character)
from "Bugs" (1995)

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"Bugs: Out of the Hive (#1.1)" (1995)
Dent: ...'S.A.C.R.O.S'. She jams satellites, calls them up, and won't let go.
Nicholas Beckett: "S.A.C.R.O.S"? Why "S.A.C.R.O.S"? It sounds like some Greek island.
Dent: "Satellite And Communication Remote Override System".
Nicholas Beckett: I think I'll stick to "S.A.C.R.O.S".

[Beckett and Ros are being chased by a government car]
Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson: Persistent, aren't they?
Nicholas Beckett: I blame performance-related-pay, myself.

"Bugs: Assassins Inc. (#1.2)" (1995)
Admiral Lansdale: The problem with you people is that you get carried away with spy toys. Most of them don't work. And when they do, it's pure fluke if they get the right person.
[he closes the gate in Beckett's face and walks away]
Admiral Lansdale: Restricted area. Sorry.
Nicholas Beckett: These aren't just spy toys, sir. These ones work every time.
Admiral Lansdale: Rubbish!
[the admiral is engulfed by a massive explosion]

Nicholas Beckett: It had to be voice-activated. But they didn't find any trace of the bomb. Well, nothing you could identify, anyway.
Ed Russell: From what I hear, they didn't find much of the Admiral either.

"Bugs: Manna from Heaven (#1.7)" (1995)
[Ros and Beckett are being pursued by a jeep]
Nicholas Beckett: Can't you lose them?
Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson: Of course. But you're paying for the respray.
[Ros looks in her rear-view mirror]
Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson: Looks to me very much like a gun.
Nicholas Beckett: What?
Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson: [gesturing] Look.

"Bugs: Down Among the Dead Men (#1.4)" (1995)
Nicholas Beckett: I can assure you, Mr. McTiernan, this is just a misunderstanding.
[McTiernan pulls a gun from his coat]
Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson: Beckett, just let him go!
McTiernan: Misunderstand this.
[McTiernan shoots Beckett in the chest]
Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson: Beckett!