Impossible Man
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Impossible Man (Character)
from "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" (2006)

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"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Impossible (#1.10)" (2007)
Impossible Man: You guys are no fun, I hope your planet gets eaten!

Impossible Man: Why isn't anyone changing? You four seem different, no one else is changing! They can't, ca they?
Reed Richards: No, normal humans can't change like you do.
Impossible Man: My planet was the most dangerous place you could imagine! But we learnt to change to survive! But here, you're all so soft and pudgy, you wouldn't last a day!
Johnny Storm: Are you saying your people evolved your ability to change? Then this is some sort of environmental adapta...
Johnny Storm: I'm not pudgy!
Impossible Man: This has got to be the best place in the universe!

[the Impossible Man turns into a satellite]
Reed Richards: Um, Impy, what are you doing?
Impossible Man: I love you guys, I love this planet! It's like some kind of paradise, so fun! People have to know!
Reed Richards: NOOO!
Impossible Man: YES! I'm letting all my people know they have to come here right now and check it out! You're gonna love my people! They're just like me, but you know, times a billion!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Missing: Impossible! (#2.22)" (2011)
Impossible Man: [laughs] Number one rule of comedy, Hulk: always zap the cute robot.

"Avengers Assemble: Avengers: Impossible (#1.12)" (2013)
Impossible Man: What's shawarma?