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Lady Glencora Palliser (Character)
from "The Eustace Diamonds" (1959)

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"The Pallisers: Part Fifteen (#1.15)" (1974)
Plantagenet: Well, Cora, will it please you to be a duchess?
Glencora: If it please you, it please me.

Glencora: [to Madame Max] Well, when two women understand each other as thoroughly as we do, it can meither be love or contempt. We've chosen a better way.

"The Pallisers: Part Nineteen (#1.19)" (1974)
Glencora: You'd clean Mr. Gresham's shoes if service to the country required it.
Plantagenet: I would even have you clean Mr. Gresham's shoes if the service of the country required it.

"The Pallisers: Part Twelve (#1.12)" (1974)
Glencora: [to Plantagenant about the Duke] Better he die of drink than a tantrum... so much more dignified.

"The Pallisers: Part Twenty-two (#1.22)" (1974)
Glencora: I have told you, Duke, if you should remain as Prime Minister, someone must smile at your supporters. If not you, then me.

"The Pallisers: Part Twenty-one (#1.21)" (1974)
Glencora: [Angrily to Plantagenet] You're becoming so autocratic, I'll have to go into women's rights.

"The Pallisers: Part Twenty-three (#1.23)" (1974)
Glencora: i read somewhere the other day that great ships always have little worms attached to them, but the great ships swim on, and there's nothing of the little worms.
Plantagenet: And the worms conquer at the last.
Glencora: They shall not conquer you.

"The Pallisers: Part Twenty-six (#1.26)" (1974)
Glencora: [Joking to Marie about a doctor] He's killed more lords and ladies than Robespierre.

"The Pallisers: Part Twenty (#1.20)" (1974)
Glencora: I mean to show them they've got more than a Prime Minister to rule them. They have the Duke of Omnium.
Marie Finn: Not to mention his Duchess.

"The Pallisers: Part Sixteen (#1.16)" (1974)
Barrington Erle: Quite frankly, Lady Glen, Finn ain't been showing the right kind of form just lately. Well, it ain't just the right kind of form to get yourself talked about... as a married woman's lover.
Glencora: [laughs] Don't be such an old woman, Barrington. I don't see why he should be cast aside just because of that.
[In a stage whisper]
Glencora: It happens every day!

"The Pallisers: Part Fourteen (#1.14)" (1974)
Glencora: What's the point of being alive if you don't enjoy yourself?
Plantagenet: Well, sometimes, Cora, my work is my enjoyment.
Glencora: Then I wish to God you'd look as if you enjoyed it.

"The Pallisers: Part Five (#1.5)" (1974)
Glencora: [to Plantagenet] I do not love you as women do when they love their husband.